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Animals Ideas:


I wore this costume to a party years ago and it seem to be a hit.

Wear a black jogging suit or tights.

Take 6 1/2" thick pieces of black rope cut to size to make the spiders legs when they are pinned or sewn to side of suit. Then, fill gloves (the kind the Dr. office use are cheap) with cotton or toilet paper and attach to end of each leg. next tie fishing wire or tough black string from the hand end of each leg and attach to wrist so that when you move your own hand you move all the others in the same way.

Thanks to Evelyn for this terrific idea.

Another idea...

Hi Everyone,

Just taking the spider costume up a notch. For those who sew. Measure the length of your arm and sew 2 1/2 in wide light weight black material to form legs. Stuff them about a third of the way, then sew a few stitches, stuff another third, sew, and stuff the rest of the way leaving enough room to sew on to a blouse or top.

The reason for the stitches between stuffing's is that if will look like the legs have joints. I'm personally going to add just 3 inch black cording in between the legs so that they move better.

To add another special touch I added red fabric paint to the tips of the legs. Just to make it look like blood.

Have a great Halloween BE SAFE!!!

Thanks to Sue for this great addition.

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