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Animals Ideas:

Dalmatian Dog:

Hi, my name is Caty and I have an awesome idea for a costume as dog!

You will need:

    1) A white long sleeve T-shirt
    2) White pants (It can be PJs)
    3) White socks
    4) Black shirt
    5) Scissors, with adult permission
    6) Glue gun
    7) Empty soda can

1) First, after you have all the materials you start by getting your black shirt and using your soda can trace circles and then after you have about 50-60 or how many circles you want.

2) Stick the black circles you cut and paste them by using your glue gun [get an adult to help) and paste them on the T-shirt and pants. (Don't paste the circles too close to each other).

3) For the tail all you have to do is get your sock and stuff it with tissue cotton balls or other socks. I recommend cotton balls better. Then glue it with your glue gun to the pants.

4) For the face just paint the whole face white and with black eyeliner or with whatever paint a black circle on either eye then for the nose with black paint paint a black triangle on the tip of your nose and draw a black line attached to the lip. The lips are black and if you want you can paint a tongue coming out of the mouth.

And you are done! Have a fun Halloween.

Thanks to Caty for this fun idea!

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