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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Halloween
Family/Group Ideas:

Scooby Gang:

Here's an idea for a cool Halloween costume, a member of the Scooby Gang! You could be Daphne and wear a purple long sleeve dress and a redhead wig. Or you could be Velma and wear an orange sweater and a skirt. Also you could be Shaggy and wear a green shirt and brown pants. You could be Fred and wear a white shirt with a red ascot and blue bell-bottoms. It would be real cool! I was Velma two years ago! It was so fun! Try it!

Thanks to Swethajune10 for this fun idea.

Scooby Doo Deluxe Medium

Scooby Doo Deluxe Medium

Don't forget your Scooby snacks!

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