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Family/Group Ideas:


How to be *Nsync

First you and four other friends need to think who you're going to be out of the *Nsync group. If your going to be Joey you need red hair dye, a leather jacket, a pair of black baggy pants, a white T-shirt and some tennis shoes {preferably brand name}.

For Joey first you take your pants and put them on then you take your white shirt and put it on after that put your leather jacket on and your tennis shoes then spray the red hair dye {washable} in your hair. You're set.

If you're going to be Chris you need flex able rubber hair ties if your hair isn't brown - black you need to get some brown - black washable hair dye, some faded blue baggy jeans, a white shirt and some tennis shoes.

For Chris first take your pants and put them on and put your white shirt on and if needed any boy kind of jacket then you put your shoes on and put your hair in a lot of little braids with your rubber ponytails.

If you're going to be Lance you need some baggy khaki pants. If your hair color is not blonde then you need to get some washable blonde hair dye, also you need a blue shirt and some Nike tennis shoes or some other brand, Nike is best. Get some gel. If your lance first get on your pants and blue shirt then your shoes {Nike}.Next get a leather jacket and put it on then get your hair dye if your hair is not blonde and put it in. Then take the gel and put it all over your hair.

You no the rest, I love the idea.

Thanks to Alyssa for this fun idea.

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