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Kids Turn Halloween Costumes

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Family/Group Ideas:

OZ A Twisted Musical:

My mom went 2 c a play in New York at HTHS Theatre called "OZ: A Twisted Musical".It's like a modern version of The Wizard Of Oz. So enjoy.

    Braid your hair w/ blue and white ribbon in corn braids and put glitter in your hair. Put on a black, short sleeved shirt w/ diamonds or glitter on it, a blue plaid mini skirt and put on black fishnets. Finally, get a pair of knee high boots and spray and paint them silver and put sliver glitter on them.

    Get a bunch of black garbage bags and cut them up. Then, glue them 2 one garbage bag w/ holes for your arms. Next, get a spikey collar and put it on. Finally, paint your face black with a white spot around your eyes and spray your hair black(if it isn't already).

    Get a long sleeved black shirt and wear it under a red velvet jacket w/ black gloves. Wear black pants and tennis shoes. Finally, spike your hair up, and put white face paint all over your face and put black circles around your eyes and around your mouth.

    Spike your hair up, paint your face silver. Put on a silver shirt and a pair of silver pants, and shoes. Finally, get a mirror and stare at yourself in it, and u fit the part.

    Spike your hair up, make a little lion mouth on yours and put on a jacket w/ fur on it. Get a pair of pants and put fur on them, and sew on a tail.

    Wicked Witch:
    Get a fake witch nose and put it on. Get a witch hat and put it on. Next, put on a purple skirt and a purple shirt. Finally, put a black blazer over that and put on striped socks, and mess up your hair and your done.

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for this great idea!

Wizard of Oz Dorothy Deluxe Small

Wizard of Oz Dorothy Deluxe Small

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!!!

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