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Kids Turn Halloween

Happy Crafting Halloween

Happy Halloween

Paper Mache Spiders

Spiders arn't so creepy when they are this cute!


  • Paper Mache Paste
  • 1 balloon for each child
  • Black tempera paint
  • Black construction paper
  • Clear tape or glue
  • Black String or yarn
  • Large white sticky labels
  • Scissors, markers, stickers, hole reinforcements
General Instructions
  • This spider is very similar to the Balloon spider, only more permanent.
  • Using the recipe for Paper Mache paste cover one blown up balloon with paper mache. Allow to dry 24 hours before painting or decorating.
  • Paint your now hard balloon black. Allow to dry. Affix 8 strips of construction paper or pipe cleaners to body of spider with tape or glue.
  • Decorate spider with stickers, labels, construction paper, or painted designs.
  • Hang spider from string or use string to walk with your spider

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