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Mummy Movable Mummies

Here's a fun, fairly simple craft idea for Halloween. Moveable Mummies! You can bend them into different shapes, stand them, sit them and have hours of fun. Make one or make a whole haunted house full!

NOTE: Parental supervision is required when using a hot glue gun

Step 1 What You Need:
  • Pipe cleaners, or heavy gauge wire
  • Muslin, cotton or canvas torn in strips
  • Cotton balls or batting
  • Masking or first aid tape
  • Gauze strips [optional]
  • Black marker, or Google eyes
  • Small Halloween decorations
  • Hot glue gun/glue, scissors


Step 3 Step 1: Take your pipe cleaners, or heavy gauge wire and bend to form shape of a stick man. Pipe cleaners are easier for young hands to use. Twist around each other to hold in place. Figure should be about 6-8 inches high depending how big you want your mummy to be.

Step 2: Take pieces of cotton ball, or cotton batting and wrap around head, hands, feet and bulk to middle of body. Secure in place with masking or first aid tape.

Step 3: Rip strips of muslin, cotton or canvas into 1/2 inch strips. Using about 2 inch strips, wrap around head, hands and feet over cotton ball/batting to form top of head and ends of hands and feet.

Step 4: Rip longer strips of muslin, cotton or canvas into 1/2 inch strips about 8-10 inches long. These will be used to wrap your mummy

Step 4 Step 5: Place a dab of hot glue on the end of a strip of muslin, cotton or canvas. Begin to wrap around your mummy. Start from head and work your way down. When you reach the end of one strip use a dab of glue to hold in place. Continue wrapping all parts of your mummy until completely covered.

You can go back and dab hot glue under your strips to help hold in place. Make sure all areas are covered. Use extra on head, hands and feet to make more sturdy if you wish.

Step 6: Once your mummy is completely wrapped you can decorate. Glue on Google Eyes, or use a black marker to create eyes. You can dirty up your mummy by smudging charcoal or ash on areas. You can also cut thin strips of first aid gauze and tie around head, arms or knees for added decoration. Any Halloween decoration like spiders can also be added.

Step 4 For additional spooky fun, use fake blood under some of the gauze or green goo you can purchase in most craft or Halloween stores. Be creative and have fun!

Once done you can bend your mummy into a standing position, sitting or hanging from a windowsill.



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