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Kids Turn Easter

Easter Crafts - Three Fun Ideas!

Use your imagination to create fun Easter crafts from your dry forms. Here's three easy ideas:

Easter Bunny Easter Bunny Head

Paint a small egg form a solid color. Once dry paint face details with a water based craft paint.

Cut out ear shapes and attach to your bunny with glue.

You can attach head to a larger form to make a body or just make the head.

Easter Eggs Easter Eggs

Using water based craft paints, paint egg forms various Easter egg colors. These make great table decorations, or you can slip a surprise inside for special Egg hunts.

Paint one base color first, allow to dry then paint on designs. You can also glue on ribbons or other Easter decorations.

Easter Pinata Easter Piniata

Using a very large form, paint and decorate to look like an Easter Egg. Once completely dry, fill the form with Easter eggs and treats from the open end of the form. Seal with additional strips of newsprint dipped in paper mached paste. Once dry touch up with paint.

Hang your egg with string and allow kids to crack open like a Piniata. Easter eggs and treats inside will come out when broken open.

Happy Easter!

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