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Decorating, coloring and hiding eggs goes back to the middle ages. The Egg Hunt is a fun activity for kids, usually held the day before Easter, or on Easter morning.

Here are some user submitted ideas on how to host your own Egg Hunt!

Easter Hunts and Games
You take three eggs and hard boil one and leave two raw. Put them in a bowl, have someone pick one out and smash it over their head. If they get the hardboiled one out of three people, they get a prize.
Thanks go to Jim for this potentially messy idea!!

Math Egg Hunt
Hide plastic eggs with numbers in them, ranging from maybe 1 to 5 then, limit the children to how many they can find, like maybe 6 or something, then . . . after they're all found, total up the numbers that are in their eggs and the one with the highest number wins a prize. I'm going to have plastic eggs with candy in them too, so that everybody will end up with something.
Thanks go to Toni for this twist to the traditional egg hunt!

Kids Egg Hunt
Take 5 to 10 eggs and hide them inside for kids to find. The kid who has most eggs at the end wins.
Thanks go to young Kayana for this idea!

Indoor Egg Hunt
Is rain going to ruin your Easter egg hunt? Just hide jelly beans inside the house and have your adults or kids hunt for them. Depending on the age of the participants you can make the hunt easy or hard. Ever try and see a black jelly bean on a black object? Have fun!!
Thanks go to an anonymous submitter for this idea!

Reverse Egg Hunt
You could have your children make at least five eggs each and hide them around the house.When they are done hiding them, the parents could look for them. I hope this is a great idea.
Thanks go to Elizabeth for this clever idea!

Teenagers Egg Hunt
I have been trying to come up with an egg hunt for my 2 teenagers so this year my husband and I are planning a scavenger hunt for our kids. When they get up Easter morning there will be a clue on the table and they have to start from there. It will be several clues hid. At the end of the hunt I have them a giant egg with candy and of course money a teenager's favorite thing. It will be a long and hard look so it will take a little time. If it's too easy it won't be any fun. For example the first clue will be a poem letting them know the next clue is in the mailbox.
Thanks go to Trudy for this unique idea!

More Hunt Ideas

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