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Decorating, coloring and hiding eggs goes back to the middle ages. The Egg Hunt is a fun activity for kids, usually held the day before Easter, or on Easter morning.

Here are some user submitted ideas on how to host your own Egg Hunt!

Easter Hunts and Games
Tail on the Bunny
What you need:
  • pictures of lamb or bunny (preferably coloring book type)
  • straws
  • cotton balls
  • double sided tape
Place one inch pieces of double side tape all over the drawing(s). Mount picture(s) on wall. Place cotton balls on table or in bowls. Give each child a straw. Child must "grab" cotton ball with straw walk over to picture and place cotton ball on tape.

First child to fill picture with cotton balls wins!

Have fun.... this worked at our church Easter party - it was fun!
Thanks to Fia for this very fun idea!

Twist and Turn Hunt
This is a great game when you can't be outside, but you can do it anywhere. My mother-in-law would attach a string to each childs basket, and hide it. Then she would walk around the entire downstairs turning and wrapping the string through and around things.

Each child then has to follow their string to find their basket. The older children have quite an obstacle until theirs is found. For the little ones you can simplify by keeping the string in more of a straight line, instead of all the twists and turns!
Thanks Amanda for this fun idea!

Egg Relay
Make 2 teams each team has 1 egg.Have each team roll the egg to each other,the 1st team to make it to the finish line wins.
Thanks to Jillian for this classic idea

Easter Fun!
I fill six plastic eggs for each child, with four or five candies in each one (I usually put a bubble-gum egg, a lilliput chocolate egg, one or two jelly beans and one or two Cadbury mini-eggs in each, and I make about a dozen extra just in case).
The kids come, starting in the front yard, we do bubbles, chalk-drawing, face-painting, skipping (& other outdoor type games), egg-dying and some sort of simple craft, this year I’ve added cookie decorating also (which I think I’ll leave for just before the egg hunt).
We head into the back yard to do a couple of relays (plastic egg in spoon – there’s a treat in each egg and that’s the prize – everyone gets one; this year we will ‘hatch’ balloon eggs by sitting on them and bursting them to get what’s inside), then to the front yard to finish off any crafts we started (often they need to dry – glue or paint - in between stages).
While the kids finish up, someone hides the eggs and then, with the littlest kids going first, the kids are allowed to find six eggs each. When I had my daycare and there weren’t so many kids, they’d each get a dozen eggs. As little ones don’t often count (especially when they’re excited) I gave them an empty egg carton to fill – when it’s full, they’re done.
Now (we’ve invited about thirty this year) we cut the cartons in half – even the big kids can get excited and take too many – this way they’re reminded and it’s easy to carry.
Last – the kids empty the plastic eggs so we can use them again the next year, and off they go with a little candy, a little craft and a crazy, happy memory of the afternoon. We usually do it Good Friday, that way our family can enjoy Easter Sunday together.
Thanks to Ellen for these wonderful ideas!

Easter Necklace Game
What you do is before everyone comes (or how ever many people are coming to celebrate with you) cut out shapes of a bunny or easter egg and punch a hole out of the shape. Then put string through the hole and tie the string. Then after everyone comes explain to them that if they say either easter or bunny and someone around them hears it then they can take your necklace. It doesnt matter how many they have, they can still take it. Towards the end of your celebration, gather everyone and whoever has the most necklaces wins!!! They should get a prize along with the second and third places. Hope you enjoy this game! I did!!
Thanks to Katelyn for this new and interesting idea

Egg Steps
I've came up with an Easter egg game it is called Egg Steps. Hide Bonus Eggs in Hiding Spots. Demo: Others say take 3 Egg steps Foward then the player moves 3 then he or she Picks up an egg on the way. The game can be played Backwards fowards Left Right and So On.
Thanks to James for sending in this idea!

Coin Egg Hunt
You hide eggs either inside or outside. The catch is that each egg has coins in it.(Quarters, Nickels, Dimes, and pennies).
The person with the most money in the end wins. Remember not to leave the other players out. Have a 1st ,2nd.3rd, etc.
Thanks to Tammy for this new idea!

Hide n' Seek
There has to be a range of 5 or more kids to play! Hide the chocolate eggs (Wrapped) around the house and get the children to search for them! After all found come back the person with the least wins! Fair or not! Good or bad game!
Thanks to RH for this traditional hunt idea!

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