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Decorating, coloring and hiding eggs goes back to the middle ages. The Egg Hunt is a fun activity for kids, usually held the day before Easter, or on Easter morning.

Here are some user submitted ideas on how to host your own Egg Hunt!

Easter Hunts and Games
Easter Guessing Game
Every year I take a jar filled with various types of Easter eggs, jelly beans, malted, chocolate etc. I count them as I fill the jar add a $5 bill at the top and tape it shut. I leave a piece of paper next to the jar and everyone guesses how many are in the jar...even grandma & grandpa. The person who is the closest without going over is the winner. They win the jar, eggs and the $5. Fun for all.
Thanks go to Carlene Hannon for this fun idea!

Easter Memory
You paint one side of the egg a color, or even a shape. you hide it in the grass, with the color side facing the ground. the players have to remember what color is where, just like the game memory (sometimes called concentration) have fun!
Thanks go to Lynsi Hansen for this neat idea!

Egg Relay Race
The way you play this game is to have at least 15 kids and/or adults.If you were playing with 15 people you would need 5 hard-boiled eggs because there are 3 people on a team and you get the point.Well,you put the egg on the spoon and run with it to the next person in the line(you need to put the three people in a line about 10 to 15 feet apart.)If you drop the egg then you have to go back to YOUR starting point and run with it again.
Whoever wins gets the desired prize of the person who is responsible for holding the race.There are first,second, and third places.I've played this at my school since second grade,I'm in sixth now, and it's been more delightful every time I play it!!
Thanks go to Scott for this fun relay!

Egg Hunt
Each year I have an Easter egg hunt for the smaller kids in the family. In order to keep things some what fair...I hide dozens of plastic eggs empty. Once the kids find all the eggs they turn them in for a special bag of goodies. It doesn't matter how many or how few of eggs the kids find...they all get the same amount of goodies. This really prevents them from getting upset at the end of the hunt if a cousin happens to find more eggs than another because they all know they will still get the same amount of treats.
Thanks go to Christina for this Hunt idea!

Egg Roll
Here is another Easter game my children love. We also do this at our church's children's egg hunt. Mark off a start and stop point anywhere from 5 to 10 feet apart. Using a hard boiled egg ( can be decorated or plain) have the kids down on hands and knees. Roll the egg across the floor using only there noses. The first one to the finish line without touching the egg with their hands is the grand champion nose roller.
Thanks go an anonymous submitter for this different idea!

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