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Decorating, coloring and hiding eggs goes back to the middle ages. The Egg Hunt is a fun activity for kids, usually held the day before Easter, or on Easter morning.

Here are some user submitted ideas on how to host your own Egg Hunt!

Easter Hunts and Games
Nighttime Egg Hunt
We have an Easter Egg Hunt in the dark with flashlights for adults. We have been doing it for the past five years and it's a blast!
Thanks go an anonymous submitter for this different idea!

Easter Fairness
Each year my family hosts a GIANT Easter egg hunt for the children at our church. Since ages range from toddlers to 5th or 6th grade we have come up with a way that is fair for all. Each child is asked to bring 12 plastic Easter eggs filled with goodies. After the eggs are hidden, the children are told that when they've found 12, to come sit down until everyone has found that many. When all the children have found that amount, we send them out to find the rest (I always provide about 50 extra.) The kids have a great time and everyone goes home happy!
Thanks go to Teresa J. Wallace. for this great suggestion!

Capture the Egg
You might have heard of "capture the flag" this is just the Easter version. Divide a group of kids into two groups. Each team has four eggs.They place the eggs on the ground in a row and then run to the other teams side and try to take there eggs back to their side without getting touched.
If they do get touched they have to stand still until one of their teammates can free them by touching them on the shoulder.
Thanks go to Katy for this fun idea!

Easter Fun Hunt
First you paint however many eggs you want to then leave one blank [ no paint on it] and not boiled then who ever finds it has to pass it back and forth to every body. you don't pass it in a circle the person who finds it has to pass to one person then back to him or her then pass it to someone else thats my Easter game!
Thanks go to June for this idea

Easter Egg Hunt
Every other year I have an Easter Egg hunt at my Grandma's house. Every child who comes to her house for Easter has their own special spot to find eggs. I usualy have to look at a nearby park. Some of my cousins have to search one of the neighbors yards. Then we come into the house and count the money that's hidden in the eggs!! Sometimes their are sheets of paper that you can hand in for a gift!
Thanks go to Sara Perronne age 11 for this idea

Easter Egg Money Hunt
All you do is paint eggs so they look like money then you hid them and then people find them like an Easter egg hunt and after they find them they trade them in for prizes.
Thanks go to 11 year old Chelsea for this idea

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