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Decorating, coloring and hiding eggs goes back to the middle ages. The Egg Hunt is a fun activity for kids, usually held the day before Easter, or on Easter morning.

Here are some user submitted ideas on how to host your own Egg Hunt!

Easter Hunts and Games
Easter Fairness
Every year my mother has a basket for each of us and to keep people from taking eggs that aren't theirs my mom has a different colour for each of us to find. Egg. yellow for my sister, green for my brother. And because I don't like pure chocolate my mom hides candy caramels instead! It works and there is never a fight. Besides you can trade hints about where a sibling saw one of your eggs so you don't get stuck.
Thanks to an anonymous sender of this idea!

Easter Hat Parade
Give everyone a white baseball cap.(can be found at any craft store) Give many materials such as ribbon,elastic,colored fabric,etc...... then,after they're done have them walk in a sort of parade to show off their Easter hats *Optional-have judges to pick winners such as prettiest,scariest,most original and so on.
Thanks to Danielle for this neat idea

Bunny Tag
I have a game we use to play its called bunny tag and you play it like this: you pick a person to be it and everybody hops around ....if you run your atomically it. Have fun this Easter.
Great game idea! Thanks Tybithie who is 11 years old

Golden Easter Egg
One of the best egg hunts my kids will tell anyone about is when mom hides one glittery gold Easter egg with a dollar in it. The kids had fun. It was not expensive and the winner of the golden egg is a real delight. I always tell my kids that the younger ones get the eggs in plain view and the older ones must look harder. They also have a limit to how many they can find this way all get their fair share.
Thanks Debbie for this Golden idea

Bunny, Bunny, Hop....
This game is just like duck duck goose, with 2 changes. 1. Obviously, the words change to "bunny" as you tap each child, and "hop" when one child is selected.
2. Instead of running around the circle, players hop with their feet together. We found these results to be more fun than duck duck goose. When you start with a great original game which kids already know and like, it doesn't take much to explain the new rules and see their excitement soar! We played this with 6th graders and kindergarten buddies together and they loved it!
Great idea!! Thanks Barbara T. and Corrie B

Matching Game
As a Kindergarten teacher I use this game for all holidays. Depending on the number of children it takes 10-20 minutes.
For Halloween I print the children's names on pumpkins and hide the pumpkins all around the room. I give them one with their name printed on it for them to use as a model. Early in the school year this is enough of a challenge!
At Christmas I do it again using trees or stars. This time I give them a letter and they have to find five more that match. Sometimes I give them the lower case and they have to find the upper case matches.
For Valentine's Day I give them 2 and 3 digit numbers in varying sequences. I always give them one as a reference and they have to find the others to match. By Easter they are really good at how to play the game. I hide egg shaped paper with letters all over the room. On the egg that I give them for reference it has one word e.g. Spring or Easter. They have to find the six letters that spell Spring and put them in the correct order. I have also used this for a unit on spiders where they find the letters to spell spider.
I have always found that they love this game and have even used it for my nephew's birthday parties. When hiding 42 sets of letters for my double Kindergarten class, I make piles of complete class sets to hide so I don't end up hiding all one child's eggs at one end of the room. After they have shown me their complete set they help a friend to find theirs.
Give it a try! It works, it's fun, it's educational and it works off excess
energy on special days!
Thanks to Fiona for this wonderful game!

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