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Most kids love parties. They are a great chance to hang around with school chums outside of a school environment and a perfect opportunity to flex those all-important social skills which develop so quickly during the teen and pre-teen years. If you are looking for fancy dress ideas for a kids' party, look no further.

First things first: you should be sure to consult your child before a) arranging a theme, and b) arranging any kind of fancy dress. Failure to consult the host of the party is both inconsiderate and a recipe for disaster. Of course, there is the possibility that your child will come up with an unreasonable suggestion, but this can be seen as the opening of negotiations.

It is often difficult choosing appropriate costumes for children, but, if you stick to some common sense guidelines, you won't go too far wrong. While something like a Wonder Woman costume would have no cultural relevance for anyone under 25, children's costumes can cover everything from popular television programs like SpongeBob SquarePants to perennial favourites like cowboys, princesses and spacemen. Of course, it depends from individual to individual, but the fact is that many children are far more up-to-date on modern trends than their parents and should be given as much input in deciding what's 'cool' as possible! You could always use famous fancy dress parties as a guide, but this is risky ground.

Young children will probably not appreciate having to wear fancy dress wigs for anything more than a couple of minutes, and these should be avoided at parties for young children. As adults, many of us have experienced fancy dress parties where the floor is strewn with wigs at the end of the evening/next morning; the simple fact is that wigs are often rather uncomfortable. Many children have low discomfort thresholds and this must be taken into account when thinking about costumes. This is also true of full-body outfits such as many animal costumes, which can be very uncomfortable to wear for a whole afternoon/evening. On this note, it can be dangerous to put a young child in a mask, because there is a risk of suffocation (especially with rubber masks).

Many costumes aren't complete without a wacky fancy dress hat. Where would a spaceman be without his helmet, or a witch without her pointy, black hat and elaborate costume gloves?

When it comes to the party itself, there is every possibility that costumes will get mixed up and you should take a note of who is wearing what when the children arrive. The alternative is weeks of chasing missing hats, masks, gloves and capes!

Article submitted by and copyright © to Alex Hammond for Escapader Ltd. Republished with permission.

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