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Post a tribute to YOUR Dad!
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I Miss My Dad
This is a message for you dad, I hope somewhere up there in heaven you can read this. It's been 4 years now since you died suddenly at 51 years old and its been the worst 4 years of my life. I've been looking after mum as she is lost without you.
My children miss there granddad and I miss my dad. I hope one day we will meet again , until then dad I wish I said this more when you were alive but here goes anyway.
I want you to know that I love you dearly and always will, Jade and Sean love and miss you also happy Father's Day dad

Love forever, Paul

To My Pop
Pop, you have always been by my side,
When there was nobody, you were there
Through the happiest of times to the saddest times
I know you're just a phone call away,for this

Your Baby Daughter, Christi

Dad - You're The Best!!
Dad - it has been quite a year since you moved on to a peaceful place, but I miss you more today than ever. You were always the cornerstone for your children and I miss you not being there. I hope you can hear me everyday when I say my morning prayers and ask for your insight and wisdom to be with me during the day. I miss that you were not able to get to know your 4 grandchildren better, but I know it was only becasue of the distance between our families. Please know that you are always in my thoughts and in my words when talking to my own children. Not only do I miss you on father's day, and you were a great Dad, but I miss you every single day since you left. I love you Dad - You're The Best!!!!
Father's day will always be your day in my heart!


This will be the first Father's Day without having you with us.
I know you are up in heaven and watching over our family.
Your wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren all miss you and will be thinking of you this Father's Day.
We Love You


This is for my Papi!!!!
My Dad's been there in good times or bad,happy or sad
To just be there to be there when I'm not glad
He lights up my day and makes it so much better!
I LOVE YOU PAPI!!!!!!!!!!!


Miss You Daddy
There are no words to express
The empty space in my heart
Love you


My Dad is the bomb. And I love him.
My Dad has taught and introduced to me a lot of things I love. Such as playing basketball. Also helping me get good grades.
My Dad has given me a family and a mother, my family!
I love you Daddy! Happy Father'S day!


My Daddy is in Heaven
I lost my daddy this year just when he was suppossed to come home and see me. He was fighting in the Iraqi War. He was a special dad, and now he is up in heaven.
Me and my baby brother will miss seeing daddy, but we know that he is fighting as a mighty soldier for GOD.
Some day we will get to see my daddy again and then I will let him know how proud I am of him. For giving his life up for me and you, so that we could be free.
We will always love you daddy.

Love Jordan and Jarrod

"Happy" Dad's Day Just 4 You ~ANDY~
You love us whether we are good or bad, you Care for all of us night and day
You make us feel Special because you know that we never have, You make us happy when we are feeling sad
And even thou sometimes you may complain and dont feel we appreciate you for all you have done..WE DO!
Anyone can be a father But YOU are the True meaning and ALL of our Real DAD! We Do Love You a Bunch and we will Always! yah and Mommy does too!

Carlos, Tatiana, Havana, Micheal, Elijah, Alyssa oh and Mommy Too!

Love You Dad
Dad you are always there for me,to support and cheer me up,
Dad you are the sweetest,candy that I will love to keep,
Dad you are a road, which leads me to a good path,
Dad you are the best and Dad I love you.


Dad - My Hero
Dad - This is the 1st Father's Day without you and it has been almost a year since that tragic day that you were taken away so suddenly. Your kind, gentle soul and your vast wealth of knowledge continues to be with me and helps me get through life each and every day. Thank you for ALWAYS making me feel special and ALWAYS taking time for me no matter what.
You meant so much to me and your grandchildren and I was so blessed to have had the Best Dad in the world as my Dad.
Life begins with love and ends in our hearts always... Your love and support will be with me forever.
I Love you and miss you Always and Forever!

Your daughter Marlene

Never Forgotten
Dad, I miss you more each day. I remember how you used to tell me everything will be ok.
I never thought I would say good bye, I somehow thought you would live forever.
I love you so much and so do Will and Allie. Never forget that you are part of their life.
We love you and miss you terribly, but I know you are not in pain any longer. Love you forever.

Maggie xoxo

You were always there for me. You are still always there for me. Your experience and guidance continues to help me through life.
Love and miss you,


I Miss You Papa
I am lost without you
Why did God take you away?
I wish to be back with you


Missing My Daddy
I thought it would get easier as time passed.
But it is not any easier. I still miss you a whole lot. I miss the one that would take care of everything for me.
Some day we will be together and I will Dance with my Father again.
I Love You and Miss You so very much Daddy

Your Baby Girl, Roni

A tribute to my father!!!!
You have been there for eveyone in our family. Regadless if you have what we need or not you always find a way to get to us. You raised my sister and I and now your helping out tremendously by raising the little ones. Your support and leadership is greatly appreciated. I'm all grown up now with a husband, but you will always be the #1 man in my life.
I can't imagine my life without you in it. Even though I don't live in the household any longer Your still the core of my heart.
I know that I'm not around as much as I want to. It's hard with this crazy world we live in. Time goes by sooo fast. There's no excuse the love I have is strong enogh to work around time!!!
Never forget that your special in sooo many ways I can't even describe.

Your daughter Raquel

I Miss You Dad
Dad this will be the first Fathers' Day without you. Nothing has been the same since that day you and Mom were evacuating hurricane Katrina. I've been trying to get closer to God in order to get some answers.
Mom is finally physically doing better and I know your grandchildren really miss you too.
I just really wanted to tell you how much I love you and miss you and I will see you again in heaven. I hope you are watching over me and helping God touch my life.
I Love You More than I ever showed.


Strong, Honest, Dependable, Loving!
You are the glue to our family
You are everything from A to Z
We love you more each day.... we are very proud of you and very proud of having a dad like you... Thanks for all the smiles you have given us.
We love you and Thank you for everything you have ever done in our lives whether we liked it or not... we learn and you have taught us a lot.

Crystal, Cay'la and Charlotte

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