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Post a tribute to YOUR Dadl!
2003 Tributes
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Dear Dad:
Somehow you have managed to raise four wonderful daughters on your own! I dont think that I would be able to do that!
Everytime there is a hurt or scare you're always there to help us get through life! I LOVE YOU DAD!!!

Love Silvia

Dear Dad:
Thank you for playing with me on Thomas tracks. I like when we play together. I love you and have a Happy Father's Day!
Love Stephen

To the World's Greatest Dad:
On This Special Day, We Are Here To Pay Tribute To All The Wonderful Fathers In This World, But I Want To Pay Special Tribute To My Daddy.
Daddy, I Love You So Much. I Love Your Patience With Me And The Time That You Set Aside To Spend Time With Just Me.
I Love The Fact That You Tell Me Every Day That You Love Me And Most Of All I Love That I Have You As My Daddy!
Happy 2nd Father's Day! I Love You So Much!

Love Jared Skylar

To the best Dad in the World:
Thank you for being so awesome! I love you a ton! Have a happy father's day!
Your Loving Daughter, Ashley

Dear Daddy:
Even though you are across the world right now, doesn't mean that I don't think of you EVERY day! I love you and miss you so much! I think about you every single day! I want you to know that you are the greatest dad in the world! I love you always and forever! I can't wait until you come home!
Your Loving Daughter, Brooke

Dear Dad:
Although we aren't together know I am thinking about you and miss you. Hope you like your gift.
Love Pat

Dear Daddy:
Thanks for being there when I needed you. And for helping me through things. You have many more tough years to come, what with me dating and getting married (not now, later) but you are strong and you can handle it. I love you
Love Maggie

To the BEST Dad:
K is for kind
E is for extrodinary
V is for valuable
I is for interesting
N is for nice
Put all these letters together and you get my best dad...

Love Patrick

Dear Dad:
I like to play with you. And I love you Daddy! I want to give you a special present.
Love David

To our Wonderful Fisherman Dad:
Wishing you the greastest day ever! Words cannot express how much we love you!! Even though your work keeps you away from home at times,you always take the time to do things with us and for us, like being our baseball coach, teaching us how to fly fish, taking us camping, roller skating, swimming, hockey games, basketball games, the dog, and etc.,br> We Love You and just wanted to let you know that you are very special and important to us!!
Love Jesse and Allegra

To My Dad:
You are the best because you are MY dad.
I like how you do concrete - especially sidewalks.
I like that you are a Christian and that you are raising me in a Christian home

Love Rachel

Dear Dad:
You are cool!!
Love Jeremy

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Dear Dad:
This is your 1st Fathers Day and I wanted to let you know that your are doing a great job raising me and loving me.
You are very special to me and I love you very much.....

Love Tauna Rose

Dear Dad:
You are the best Dad a girl could have and you aren't too strict but sometimes you are, but that is ok.
Love Cynthia

You make me laugh when I'm down
and you take me on trips out of the town,
You're the best dad in the universe.

Love your son, Bryan

Dear Dad:
Through thick and thin,
I always win
Cause you are my dad
Love Kiley

The BEST Dad in the World:
DAD, You couldn't of done enough for me I'll never forget you!!!
Your Little "BUD" Shelley

Dear Dad:
Have a nice farthers day, when you read this it will be probely to late any way.
Love Matthew and Dominic

Dear Daddy:
Thank you for being the BEST dad! You're always doing nice things for me like buying me the "pot racer", helping me build my inventions, playing computer games and my favorite thing you do is making me cole slaw all of the time. You are a great dad, friend, teacher and cook! I love you....
Love Barrett

Dear Daddy:
Mommy and I wanted you to know,
Just how much we love you so,
We know it's hard to keep going each day,
When you work so hard and then come home and play,
But we really appreciate everything you do
And as Dad's come, no one holds a candle to you,
So on this, only your 2nd Father's Day,
Mommy and I just want to say,

Love Tanner and Mom

Dear Daddy:
I love you very much. I like it when you call me silly names like "409". That makes me feel special. And I think you cook the bestest pancakes I've ever had.I love it when you play fight with me when you come home from work. You are the bestest Daddy in the whole wide world and I'm glad I have you for my Daddy.
Your Loving Katy

Dear Dad:
You are in my thoughts this day and always.
Love your daughter Wendy

Dear Dad:
Thank you for everything that you've done for me. I give you my dearest gratitude.
Love your daughter

Dear Daddy:
Thanks for always being there for me! You've been a role model to me forever.
Your a great DAD!

Love Meghan

To the BEST Dad in the World:
Dad, there has never been a dad like you before and there will never be another dad like you ever again.
You aer the best!! Love you with all my heart and always will.
Love Zackery

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