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Post a tribute to YOUR Dadl!
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Gone But Not Forgotten
There is one thing that you need to know In my heart you live today, tomorrow and always You may not be here with me today but in my heart you will always stay

Because of You
I am a better person. I know how to fish, to walk on stilts, to garden, I know things about nature, birds, fish and trees.
I know how to love without needing anything in return.
Thank you for loving me regardless of what I've done, Thank you for not judging me, for accepting me as I am.
I am my father's daughter.


We Love You Dad!
You are the best ever
We couldn't have asked for any other
You are our inspiration
We love you Dad!

Devin, Joey, Breanna, Savannah

For All You Do!
Dad you do it all! You keep your cool. You are the one who says, "Where's my tools!"
You give and give and give some more. To each of my family you are what keeps us from being poor. You are the giver of more than just money! You are the strength of life and what makes cloudy days sunny.
You're calm gentle ways are what we hold to the most. You keep us from straying from coast to coast. We think of you often with each passing day. And we know that your life is what has made this the very best day. Thanks for all you do for each of us. Forgive us for all the time we have started a fuss. Enjoy this day and every other one. For your one in a million and the best of every one!
We love you so much and thank God he gave us to you!

Jeff, Greg, Libby, & Meredith "Toot"

I Miss You So Much~*
Daddy, sitting here with tears welled up in my eyes typing i miss you so much you will always be in my heart.
You were the greatest dad ever and now i can understand why god wanted you with him you truly were an angel.
I luv you so much just know that i always think about you and i miss you so much.
Luv Always, your princess,


A Great Dad:
It will be ten years since you passed.
A day does not go by I do not think of you or rely on advice you've given me over the years. You may be gone but you are remembered and missed, always.

Love Wendy

I Love you Daddy:
It's the first Father's Day without you
I miss you so much.
Thank you for giving us a wonderful childhood
Now you're our angel to watch over all of us.

Love Denise

Happy Daddy's Day!:
We Love You So Much Daddy!!!
We are so glad you are home!!!
You are the best Daddy!!!
Your girls,

Jessie Bear, Julie Boo, and Bailey Bob

All For You Dad
You have given me the greatest gift a Father could give.
You beleived in me. I love you forever and a day.
You are my world!!!!!!!
Thanks for always being there and teaching me how to stop and smell the roses!!!


Happy Father's Day
Dad, there is not a day that goes by that I dont think about you and all the things you taught me.
Raising Kevin and I alone must have been difficult but you never complained and made our childhood full of love and laughter.
Your love and inspiration lives on today in the lives of your great grandchildren Abby, Kara, Albert, Chris, Justin, Michael.
Dad, I know that Kevin is now up there with you now. I hope to join you both one day,

Love, your daughter, Karen

Hey, Dad!
Hey Dad. Just wanted to to say thanks for being such a great dad.
And I hope you have a terrific day cuz you deserve it!
Love ya


You're the best Dad in the world!
Love you bunches.


My Daddy
Daddy, I just wanted to let everyone know what an amazing daddy you are!! You are my hero and always will be!
You are the strongest mad I know and you can conquer all!
I love you soo much and just want to tell you "Thanks, you are the best daddy anyone could ever ask for!
I love you, daddy!


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