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How To Halloween

Create Your Own Sound Effects CD

Making a Halloween hit list is as easy as toasting bread when you follow these tips and tricks. If you've got a CD burner then you're all set. If you don't then you can download one of those free ďjukeboxĒ players and use your PC to blast your tunes.

Pick Your Sounds
There are a lot of free scary sounds available on the Internet. You can start your search here for some great Halloween sounds. Then grab some midiís from this site, and this site and you should have a good library of basic gory sounds. If you're still in need of some hair raising effects then you can find some real classic sound bites from the greatest horror movies right here.

Some of these moans, groans and screams are pretty short, so you might want to queue them up in succession a few times for more effect.

Use your CD burner software to build your play list

  • Pick the sounds that will be used as transitions between songs.
  • Add songs from your existing CDís if you're creating a party dance track.
  • Play it through a few times and fine-tune your sound effect placements and play order.
  • Burn your CD!
If you want to make a scary sounds CD for haunted house use as well as a dance track for a Halloween party, then create two play lists. One will feature just the scary sounds and the other can be a full mix of music and sound.

If you don't have any appropriate Halloween music on CD, then take a trip over to Napster and grab their Halloween Bash soundtrack. Itís worth the effort.

Make your sound track as unique as you are. Your PC software does all of the hard work. All you have to do is play it until you like it and then burn it.

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