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Halloween Make Up Ideas

Proper use of creative make-up can help you achieve that realistic look that will creep out friends and family. While it's true spooky costumes, treats, games, and parties, are the rule on Halloween. But when it comes to your costume this Halloween, don't give in to the urge to buy yet another hot and uncomfortable mask. Not only will it look fake, but it will make you uncomfortable all evening as well.

Here are some great tips for using makeup to achieve a life-like Halloween appearance this year.

Age yourself to perfection

Want to see what you'll look like in another 40 years? Try adding some liquid latex wrinkles to your face. You can get the latex at any costume store, and applying it for the desired effect couldn't be easier:

  • Puff up your cheeks and apply a thin coat of liquid latex with a small sponge.
  • Keep your eyes shut tightly and apply some latex to the lower corners of your eyes.
  • Once the latex is dry, release the air from your cheeks and you're ready to apply a coat of foundation makeup. You can add some food coloring to the makeup to create a skin tone in your choice of colors.
The latex will make your eyes look droopier and saggy and your skin will be wrinkled to perfection. Now you can accessorize from here and add other makeup effects as needed.

Here’s a great trick for adding a hairy wart to your face. Put a drop of false eyelash glue onto a peppercorn and put it on your face. Then just glue a few strands from a paintbrush and you're the proud owner of a very ugly wart! Just be sure not to put it too close to your eyes or you'll also be the proud owner of swollen and painful eyeballs that may look great but won't leave you feeling all that well.

You can dress up your hands by applying colored foundation makeup and highlighting prominent veins and wrist bones by shadowing around these areas to make them stand out. Use a darker foundation to create liver-spots.

Become the Zombie Bride with the Right Make-Up
If the idea of instant aging doesn't appeal to you, the zombie bride is an easily achieved effect. Other than a dirty and tattered white dress, all you'll need to do is paint your face and lips white, using theatrical greasepaint, and apply thick black rings around your eyes. Now gel your hair up and run your fingers through to create the worst “bad hair day” you've ever had. Throw some gummi worms in for effect and presto, you've returned from the dead!

Or the Zombie Groom
If you're a man, you can be a zombie groom. Just trade the white dress in for an old thrift-shop suit or tuxedo. The makeup process is the same and the look is great.

Maybe you'd rather be a deranged doctor/nurse. Just get a hold of a pair of hospital scrubs and spatter your face, hair, and clothing, with fake blood. You can find a good recipe for fake blood in our article on how to make your own Halloween costume.

Medusa is an easy effect to achieve. The costume is a simple “toga party” look. Then you just paint your face green, accentuate your eyes with gold, and throw a few rubber snakes in your hair. You can be beautiful and scary at the same time!

Whatever you decide to "become" this year will require creativity. Put on your costume and let your imagination run wild as you apply your Halloween makeup. Later on in the evening, when you decide to drink or eat something, you'll be thankful that you didn't wear a mask. Remember, Halloween is all about having fun!

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