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Halloween Party Supply List

A party’s not a party without great party supplies and that’s especially true when it comes to themed parties like those that you throw for Halloween. Since most Halloween parties start later in the evening, your guests will usually already have had dinner and they should only be expecting snacks and finger foods. Just to be sure, you can mention an evening of “frights and snacks”, or something similar, when you send out your Halloween invitations. That way anyone who hasn't eaten dinner won't be disappointed when they don't find a four course meal waiting for them at your house.

Here’s a quick look at what you'll need to throw a devilishly good Halloween party for all of the ghouls on you “A” list.

  • Party Invitations
    Buy the theme Halloween ones or you can make your own using design software, your color printer, and Halloween paper from your local office supply store.
  • Halloween-themed paper plates and plastic cups
    Buy the heavy-duty coated plates when possible. Although plastic cups are great for cold beverages, you'll need some hot cups if you are planning to serve coffee or other hot beverages.
  • Plenty of Halloween Tablecloths
    You can buy themed ones rather cheaply, or you can grab some black shower curtains as a substitute.
  • Plastic eating utensils
    You definitely don't want to be washing a lot of silverware when your guests go home. Get assorted knives, forks and spoons. Basic black is always available and that’s the perfect Halloween color.
  • Halloween Door Covers
    Start the Halloween party right at your front door, and provide additional holiday atmosphere by covering inside doors that will be seen by your Halloween party guests.
  • Orange and black crepe streamers
    Drape them from ceiling light fixtures to the corners of the room. You can also hang them straight down from ceiling fans (if the fans are turned off, that is).
  • Fake spider webs and plastic spiders
    These are great to use anywhere. You can hang them in the ceiling corners, in door frames, over the toilet and anywhere else guests will be gathering.
  • Other suitable props like skeletons, witches and black cat cutouts
    Fill in empty spaces with an assortment of “hinged” cardboard Halloween creatures and ghouls.
  • Orange and black Balloons
    Balloons in these traditional Halloween colors make great centerpieces. You can also mix balloons in with your orange and black crepe streamers for an even nicer look.
  • Halloween candy
    Bowls of traditional Halloween candy are not only great to eat, but they make pretty and colorful decorations. Mix candy corn and candy pumpkins and pour them into black cat, witch, and pumpkin serving bowls and place strategically around the house.
  • Halloween candle holders with black candles
    Candles make truly spooky shadows on your walls and ceilings. Remember though, you have a lot of flammables around on Halloween, so place your candles carefully and always have a fire extinguisher handy. Only use with parental supervision.
  • Pumpkins
    Carved or solid, a Halloween party just isn't the best it can be without some pumpkins on the guest list. Be sure to check out our pumpkin carving article for some great Jack-O’-Lantern tips.
  • Spooky music
    A Halloween party is all about sights AND sounds. Make sure that you're playing the greatest Halloween music and spooky sounds for your guests. Check out this article for inside tips on making your own Halloween Soundtracks.
Themed parties require lots of supplies and decorations. The more the merrier. Make your Halloween party one to remember by taking the time to do it right!

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