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How to make a Witch's Costume
Whether it is a Halloween party, trick or treating or a fancy dress ball, the witchís Halloween costume is the easiest to make.

Cinder Witch Costume
 from Mardi Gras Fancy Dress Costumes The Dress:
Rummage through thrift shops or vintage charity shops for black dresses. Try to find something that has a distinction like flair sleeves, or long flowing dresses, or a skirt and blouse ensemble etc. Donít choose a very tight-fitting dress, you will want to be able to jump and play. Make the fancy dress costume as comfortable as possible.

Bright Accessories:
Select some psychedelic 70ís accessories like striped tights in shocking pink or an orange scarf or a neon green belt etc. These will enhance the black dress and make you stand out.

The Hat:
The classic symbol of a witch is her pointed hat. Try to find a wizardís hat or a roll up some paper into the shape of a cone and glue black crepe paper to change the colour. Cover the hat in black felt or artificial fur etc. Decorate with golden spider webs, silver spiders, other creepy crawlies etc. Give it your very own creative touch.

The Witches Hair:
Raven black hair is usually depicted for witches. If your hair isnít black, you can either choose to dye your hair or wear a wig. If you are feeling rebellious, wear your natural colour. Who said witches werenít blondesÖ

The Shoes:
Black stilettos look great, but are painful on the feet if you are walking around a lot. Black pump shoes work well in most cases. Just embellish the shoes if they are plain looking with buckles, or paint a golden spider web etc. Remember to match the design to your hat and dress.

The Face:
Mix a little black paint with green face paint. Wash your face, apply a light moisturizer and then using a sponge paint your face, neck and back of hands. Remember to do this before you go trick or treating so that its dry when you wear your costume.

The Broom:
Many novelty shops that cater to fancy dress ideas sell witch brooms, artificial warts etc. If this is not available, find a wooden broom and paint the handle black with witchy designs.

The Warts:
For the warts, glue paint brush hairs to a peppercorn and stick this on your face using false eyelash glue.

The Black Teeth:
Finally, you can blacken your teeth by chewing some black liquorice.

And Finally:
Check yourself in the mirror. You should now look frightfully ghastly in your new witches Halloween costume. Now youíre ready to scare some people!

For more fancy dress ideas visit Mardi Gras Halloween Costumes. Have fun!

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