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Happy Halloween

Halloween No Mess - Balloon Piñatas

Don’t have the time to make a piñata, or money to buy one? Don’t have the money to fill a large piñata with candy & toys?

This is an excellent version that all kids will enjoy! Best of all, its LOW cost, NO mess, and ALL kids get to bust the piñatas!

This is sure to be the “hit” of the party!


  • Balloons (orange and black for Halloween)
  • Thread
  • Tape
  • Small toys (without sharp edges) Dollar Stores are a good place to check or small pieces of wrapped candy
  • Empty wrapping paper roll
  • 3 - Thumb tacks
  • Cloth to cover children’s eyes
General Instructions

    1. Place small, inexpensive, toys or candy in balloons (1-2 pieces per balloon).
    2. Blow up the balloons. Tie thread around the balloons and hang from the ceiling with tape.
    3. Place the thumb tacks into one end of an empty wrapping paper roll. Place tape over the end of the tacks , on inside of roll, so they do not fall out.

How to Play

When a child wins at a game, or finishes a game, tie a cloth around their eyes and let them pop a balloon with the wrapping paper roll “bat” to get their prize.

You can also play this game by itself. Have all the children take turns swinging at a balloon until they "win" by breaking one of the balloons.

NOTE: Watch children carefully and place the bat into their hands to they do not stick themselves with the tacks at one end of "bat". Also, make sure other children stand back when the "bat" is being swung at the balloons so they do not get hit with the end of the bat. This Halloween Game idea submitted by Donna Dick - thanks!

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