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Kids Turn Holidays

Grim Reaper Cometh The Grim Reaper Cometh....
By Patrick (11)

On a dark and gloomy Halloween night when you are sound asleep. Beware of what you hear and see, you may not want to sleep!

An eerie figure lurks about awaiting for the moment - when you will least expect it the Grim Reaper he will cometh!

You'll see a blur, perhaps some noise and then he will appear. You best do what he asks of you the moment he comes near.

Take That! He told me to go down the hall and find a greedy soul. One who gave no candy, not even a tootsie roll.

Though nervous I did as he asked and came back with a man - I wasn't sure just why I did, until he shared his plan.

On the eve of Halloween he said, I must do this urgent deed. To save myself from his cruel wrath I must fulfill his needs.

He took the man that I had brung and placed him in a trance. And then with swift and eerie moves used his sickle like a lance. I watched in horror, too stunned to speak as still as I could be. I did not want him to look back and change his mind about me.

Warning My heart beat fast, my hands they shook, the silence filled the room. I wanted to run and hide right there, but fear made me still loom. Suddenly the silence broke and the Reaper's words came through....

"Let this be a all men who think they're dandy. Halloween is a night for kids and lots and lots of candy. So if you do not give it out - or worse you run out quick. Your fate is in the hands of a Reaper with very little wit."

He'll come at night and search you out and take care of his will. So all good kids who come next year will have their treat bags filled.

Halloween Headquarters