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Kids Turn Holidays

Halloween Make-up Halloween Make-up Tips for Kids

Dressing up for Halloween is fun! Using make-up instead of a mask is not only safer, (masks can impair vision), it may also me less expensive and look a lot better.

You don't need to be a make-up artist to create a great face. With a little help, and some practise you can look as spooky as you want to be.

Before you slap on a lot of make-up or other products you should consider:

  • Parental supervision is required for make-up use and application. Make sure to have an adult check ingredients and supervise application.
  • If you are using store purchased make-up, read ALL instructions carefully and follow directions.
  • Avoid getting any make-up in or too close to your eyes.
  • Pre-test the make-up you will be using BEFORE the big day. Dab a small amount on your arm and leave for a day. If you develop a rash or any irritation DO NOT USE on your face. Especially important if you already have allergies.
  • Only use make-up that is approved by your government safety standards. Most countries have standards that approve additives in cosmetics.
  • Do not put anything on your face that is not intended for use on skin.
  • Remove all make-up after the party is over. Do not go to bed with make-up on your skin. Get your parents to help you remove your make-up.

Now Comes the Fun Part!

Whether you want to be Dracula, a Witch or just a Creepy Dude, there are all kinds of tips and home-made recipes for everything from fake blood to scars online. Here are some of our favorites:

You can also try these Online Resources for ideas on how to create the make-up for specific costumes. You can also shop for Halloween Make-up online.

Be creative, have fun and you can create a terrific Halloween make-up application. Don't worry about being perfect, Halloween is about having fun and staying safe.

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