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Halloween Make-up Looking Old

(Parental Supervision Needed)

It's always fun to dress up like an old person. Ask Mom for some help with this one. Be sure to get permission before using her make-up!

To start wash your face. Apply a base makup to your face and neck. Now, scrinch up your face, wrinkle your nose and forehead and squint your eyes. Apply face make-up that is slightly lighter than your natural color, avoid getting this make-up in the creases. Take your time and work in small areas.

Once done relax your face and return your face to normal. Where you see creases, use a soft, light brown eye-liner pencil to fill in the creases. Don't forget the crows feet by your eyes, but avoiding getting in eyes. You can also add liver spots with the eye-liner pencil.

Sponge in your make-up with a make-up sponge. You can then apply baby powder to give your skin a dry look. Do not get powder in eyes. Avoid breathing in the power.

You can use the same techinique on your hands. For grey hair, brush baby powder into your hair. To remove, use warm water and gentle soap.

To remove, wash your face with warm water and gentle soap.

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