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A Haunted House in a Real Haunted House in New Orleans!

The Mortuary - New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- "In the heart of New Orleans, Cities of the Dead, lies The Mortuary...where if you're not screaming, you're already dead!" The Mortuary Haunted House's doors burst open to RAVE REVIEWS as the MUST SEE HALLOWEEN ATTRACTION in New Orleans!

"It's not your typical Haunted House," says Jeff Borne, owner of The Mortuary. "Ghost Hunters from around the world have come to The Mortuary to experience unearthly entities throughout the property year round. Now add to what is undoubtedly a very scary environment to begin with, state of the art animatronics, theatrical sets, movie quality actors in makeup, and Fog Screen ghostly special effects and you get to experience one of the most terrifying Halloween haunts ever. The Mortuary has been featured on The Travel Channel's 'America's Scariest Attractions,' Discovery Channel's 'Ghost Lab,' and FUSE TV. USA Today says that Hollywood thrillers can't beat this haunted house. And, Hauntworld magazine classifies The Mortuary as one of the scariest places on earth!"


The Haunted Mortuary is an icon of old New Orleans at the very dead end of world famous Canal Street. Less than 3 miles from the enchanting French Quarter, this magnificent mansion was originally built in 1872 and operated for about 80 years as an actual MORTUARY. This is an actively-haunted, 14,000 square foot, 3-story mansion and is reported to have nine known resident ghosts documented and ghost stories that originate over 100 years ago.

Upon entering the dark corridors of The Mortuary Haunted House, victims... I mean... guests will encounter the works of a twisted mortician named Master Ravencroft who discovered the secret to immortality many years ago while embalming a client that was in the process of transforming into a vampire. This year, the Mortuary dives deeper into the legend's vampire lore featuring the master's vampire vixens who would love to have YOU for dinner!

By popular demand, this year's attraction opened Labor Day Weekend this year and runs weekends through Halloween, plus all of Halloween Week. (Visit for dates) Borne added, "On October 1st, we will also feature a special Flashlight Fear Fest Night where our brave guests will tour The Mortuary in complete darkness with only micro-flashlights to guide their way. And, on October 13th, we will host an exclusive Slasher Night with half price tickets."

Again, this year The Mortuary is "Out For Blood" as we team up with The Blood Center for their annual blood drive. Give the gift of life and donate blood on location at The Mortuary and you'll receive a FREE VIP Admission to the haunt.

The Mortuary is also available for private Halloween Parties complete with catering, entertainment, and the creatures of the night. Real Ghost Tours and Ghost Hunting are available on select nights. Group discounts are also available. For More information, dates, videos, hours, special events, and discount coupons, visit us online at

Note: This event may be too scary for small children

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