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US Kids Magazine Embraces Fall With Fun and Spooky Food, Seasonal Crafts, Cover Art Contest Winners, and Lots of Learning

Turtle Magazine from US Kids

INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- The September/October Issues of Turtle (Ages 3-5), Humpty Dumpty (Ages 5-7), and Jack and Jill (Ages 8-12) feature national cover art contest winners' drawings.

Our annual cover art contest winners are announced and their drawings are in the magazines, with the first place winners' drawings on the covers! More than 1,600 kids entered this year! The winners of "My Favorite Animal in the Whole World" are:

    Turtle: First Place: Mandy C., age 5, from Kim Art Studios in Irvine, CA. Mandy's favorite animal is the dolphin and she created her cover art using oil pastels.

    Humpty Dumpty: First Place: Matthew L., age 6, from Indian Fields Elementary School in Dayton, NJ. Matthew's cover-winning entry is titled "Safari in South Africa." He used pencils and markers to create his awesome work of art.

    Jack and Jill: First Place: Julia W., age 8, from Kim Art Studios in Irvine, CA. Julia impressed the judges with her entry of a fishbowl in space. This winning art is Julia's reminder to the world to be careful not to litter and to recycle as much as possible.


The fall means Halloween and spooky treats. To celebrate, US Kids offers a variety of fun and delicious ways to enjoy the season.

    Turtle: "Cheesy Spiders" are a fun activity and a healthy snack. Preschoolers use string cheese, grapes and whole-grain crackers to scare up a bunch of these tasty creepy crawlies. They will definitely want to share this treat with their friends!

    Humpty Dumpty: "Monster Salad" is a spooky green treat that is easy and healthy for your elementary school child to make. Kids use gelatin, mini marshmallows, raisins, cottage cheese, pretzels and shredded cheddar cheese to create a scary but yummy seasonal salad.

    Jack and Jill: The gluten-free recipe for "Linnaea's Pancakes" was submitted by a young reader who created the recipe herself! We provide instructions for making several variations of these fluffy treats, so you can get a taste of fall with the apple-cinnamon or experiment with the blueberry, nut, and poppy seed-lemon varieties.

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