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Christmas Gifts & Traditions Study: Santa Plays a Role in 90% of Household Christmas Traditions According to a RedEnvelope and Luth Research Survey

Happy Holidays

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Santa plays a role in 90% of households that celebrate Christmas with their children. A recent survey(1) among households that celebrate Christmas fielded by Luth Research on behalf of RedEnvelope®, the online shopping destination for unique and sentimental gifts that make a classic statement, indicates that Santa Claus plays a prominent role in Christmas traditions, and that people are eager to spend more time with family over the holidays.

As holiday traditions go, activities surrounding Santa Claus are a favorite. Not only do 90% of surveyed households with children include Santa as part of their holiday tradition, but 71% leave out a snack or beverage for Santa. Popular Christmas Eve traditions include opening at least one gift (68% of households surveyed), and drinking hot chocolate or other hot beverages (57%). The popularity of activities surrounding Santa comes as no surprise given that families with children under the age of 13 wish to spend more time building family traditions over the holidays – in fact 78% of households surveyed wish this were the case.

"The holidays have always been about family gatherings and traditions – this is especially true in these times. Not surprisingly we've found our customers are seeking gifts for the entire family to enjoy and cherish as they honor long held traditions or begin new ones, as well as preserve their holiday and family memories for years to come," said Kevin Rooney, Vice President of Merchandising at RedEnvelope.

Some of RedEnvelope's top Christmas gift picks include:

    Night Before Christmas Activity Kit: Leaving a snack out for Santa is a classic, holiday tradition that has been repeated every Christmas Eve for generations the world over. Start your own tradition with RedEnvelope's exclusive Night Before Christmas Activity Kit. Create an experience the entire family can join in with fun activities and games, a copy of the classic "The Night Before Christmas" poem to be shared aloud, and a festive mug and plate with rich hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies – all to welcome Saint Nick (and don't forget his reindeer) into your home. Retail price: $29.95.

    Family Conversation Table Topics: Over the holidays enjoy hours of fun as you gather with family and friends and share personal insights on a variety of creative, interesting and sometimes amusing topics that often lead to the discovery that there is much about those closest to you that you may not have known. Each card in our table topics set asks a different thought-provoking question. Example topics include, "Would you rather live for a week in the past or the future?" or "Is it more fun to be a parent or a child?" Retail price: $24.95.

    Story of a Lifetime: Preserve memories for the next generation with this leather, heavy-bound book. The pages pose questions such as, "What do you feel has been your purpose in life?" and "Is there any particular incident in your life that changed everything?" From the simple to the provocative, questions help chronicle college, careers, raising kids, traditions and milestones. A great tool for self-discovery and reflection, this award-winning memoir is appropriate for all who want to learn more about themselves and pass along their discoveries. Retail price: $79.95.

82% of families surveyed wish they spent more time together as a family over the holidays. Unique and special gifts that bring families together and create new traditions, are perfect for this holiday season.

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1. Survey was conducted by Luth Research on August 25 – 27, 2010. Household is defined by homes with children age 12 and under in the U.S. 539 people were surveyed for this research.

SOURCE RedEnvelope