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Halloween Party Planning Halloween

Once you have a theme picked out it's time to figure out the date, time and place for your party!

Date, Time and Place

First thing you need to do is check with Mom or Dad and make sure this party idea is ok. They might like the idea that you will be staying in for Halloween and not out terrorizing the streets.

Grab a calendar and see what date would be good for your parents to help supervise. As well, consider other Halloween activities that might be going on when choosing your date. You don't have to have the party on Halloween night if it's not on a weekend. Many parties are held throughout the week on Halloween.

You need to set up a time that you think your friends will be able to attend. Check with your friends to determine the best time they would be allowed to come.

Finally make sure your parents ok where you are going to have this doesn't have to be in the house - you can have fun in a garage too - or even the backyard if the weather holds out. If you are having a huge party you'll need to look into renting a place.

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