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Halloween Party Planning Halloween
You are too old for trick or treating - but too young to hang out at adult Halloween parties - so what are you to do??? Instead of smashing pumpkins or toilet papering trees why not throw your own Monster Bash! It's easier then you think!

Follow these steps for a great Halloween party!

Guest List

Once you have permission, don't forget to ask your parents how many kids you will be allowed to invite to the party.

Invite your best friend over, sit down and make up a list of other friends you think will want to attend. Decide on if it will be co-ed, boys and girls or just girls or just boys.

Write down the names and see how many you come up with. If you need to mail invitations besure you have addresses too.

It's not a good idea to talk endlessly about the event at school - you might end up with other kids wanting to attend.

Remember the number of guests your parents allowed and stick with it!

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