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Kids Turn Holidays

Labor Day - What Work Teaches us

Most kids start out working by doing chores around the home. Some get allowances for these chores, some don't. Some get special privileges for helping out. Whatever reason you do chores - you learn some valuable lessons along the way. You will have the rest of your life, if you choose, to work outside the home - but starting young teaches you some good things.

dollar.gif - 0.2 K Money Management
You quickly learn the value of money when you earn it yourself. You also learn how important saving and planning is. How to set up a bank account (or piggy bank) - and what things cost in the real world.

Time management
You will learn how to manage your time - and be organized - set schedules so you can get your work done and still have time for school - and play too!! Work should never interfere with that when you are a kid!

When you make a commitment to take on work or chores or do Volunteer work - you have to follow through - this is a valuable lesson you will learn on your first job. Responsibility is an important lesson to learn.

Setting Goals
Having a job might inspire you to think about what you want to be when you grow up - or simply to teach you to set realistic goals - you want that bike? Set the goal and go for it - work teaches you this.

You have many years ahead of you before you join the work force, it's a good idea to think about it when you are young.

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