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Kids Turn Holidays

Mom's Day can have it's Conflicts.......
Not everyone has someone they call Mom. Many kids have more than one person to call Mom.

Some thoughts and ideas on spending Mother's Day with the different people you can call Mom

In May many kids will be celebrating Mother's Day with their Mom. Not all kids are fortunate enough to have their mom with them. Other kids face the conflict of having more then one person in their life they call mom.

Some kids have lost their moms tragically through death. Mother's Day can be a very difficult time if you have.

Feelings of loss and the need to grieve for your mother are very normal. There are some excellent resources online for kids to help you through this time. There are also places you can contact other kids who know what you are going through.

Divorce can also separate a child from their mother. It is not uncommon for dad's to have custody of kids. Some kids will celebrate Mother's Day with their dads. In some cases, dad is the one who fills the 'mom' roll. Honoring your dad for his commitment as a 'mom' as well as a dad at Mother's Day, is ok.

In other situations you may live with dad, but want to be with your mom for Mother's Day, which can sometimes cause conflicts. Talk to your Dad. He may understand why you might want to spend time with mom on this day.

Some kids might have two moms to share the holiday with. Your birth mom and your step mom. It can be a tough choice to have to decide who to spend the day with if you have a good relationship with both 'moms'. Step moms can understand why you might want to spend the day with your birth mom while still acknowledging that they are important to you as well.

Kids who are adopted may have two moms to celebrate the day with. You might celebrate Mother's Day and Birth Mother's Day. Some kids of adoption celebrate the day with their adopted mom, the only mom they have ever known.

Some kids have Foster Moms who deserve recognition at this time of year. As well, Grandmother's often fulfill the roll of 'mom'.

Other people who have become 'mom like' to you might include Big Sisters, the volunteer organization that provides mentoring for children. You may have a female mentor from another organization that you look up to like a 'mom'. Some teachers can fill the roll of a mom to kids.

Whatever your circumstance, don't be afraid to tell the person who you feel fills a 'mom like' roll in your life, how much they mean to you on this special day.

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