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2005 TRIBUTES TO MOMS - Page 2
Love Ya!:
Thank you for all you have done for me.
You are the best mom in the world! I love it when you give us chances that we don't deserve,
and when you take us to ride 4-wheelers, and when you take us to the skating park, and thank you for giving us this home.
I love you A LOT!


I know I make you sad bcause I'm always sick but if I did not have cancer you'd still be the same 2 me
Loving, caring and MY MUM
Bye bye mummy


Mother, The Greatest:
Mother, Mother, so nice is she
She always takes care
and helps me!


I love you!!!!!!!!!!!
You're the best!!!!!
You're the coolest!!!!!!
Love You!!!!!!!


I Love You:
I love you. You may ask why.
Well you're my mom.
I love you through thick and thin.
But Mom I love you till the end


I Love U Soooo Much Mommy:
Mom u r the best mommy in the whole world.
My biggest fear is losing u.
May ALLAH never show me that day.
I cannot live without u.
May ALLAH give u lots n lots of peace, strength, happiness n love.
I love u mommy


You're the Best!
There is no way I could live without my ma
I love her very much
When she is at work I miss her
She is always there for me


Mom, Wow!
No words describe my mother
She's the coolest
She's fun to be with
I love her sooooo much


Super Mom!
You do the cooking
and take care care of us.
You make us a big helping of love mush
and we luv you so!

Nicole & EJ

To the Perfect Mom!
Mom you are so sweet, you make my life complete
You are so loving and caring.
What would I do if you didn't care?
But because of you, I have a mom to show me the right way of life,
To have some one to love me as much as you do!
So here's a little something I picked up for you.
I love you mom


I still Need You
Mommy, I loved you from the moment you brought me into this world. I love you for being "the best mommy in the world" when I was little. I love you for being there for me and teaching me not to grow up to fast, and teaching me how to grow up fast when I needed to. I was barely 16 when the news came that your years were numbered. I didn't know or understand that it was true. I love you for letting me believe that it wasn't. I love you for showing me what faith was, and how to be strong. I love you for never blaming God. I love you for never losing the sparkle in your eyes, or the smile on your face, even when that was all you had left.
I needed you then, and I still need you now. I'm getting married mommy... to Brandon. I know how much you loved him, and you'll never know how much that approval means to me now that you're gone. Gone... I still can't even believe it. I still need you Mommy, more than I could ever put into words. You've been gone for almost 3 years now. I'm 21, you've missed 3 birthdays. Please don't miss my wedding... I need you there so much. Let me feel you there. I don't know how to do it without you.

I hope you know that I'm still your baby girl. I still believe in miracles. I've never blamed God. I've tried to always have a smile on my face. I've tried to be everything you wanted me to be, everything you achieved above and beyond. You're in my mind every moment of every day. I won't let go, because holding on allows me to still feel you. That's worth a million tears. I hope that I can be 1/2 the woman you were. 1/2 the mother you were for me. 1/2 the wife you were to daddy. Help me every step of the way, and show me you're still here.
I love you Mommy.
My Mother Gloria passed away from a horrible battle with ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease. Please become informed on what this is, especially if you've never heard of it, because it can strike anywhere, anyone, at any time. It's fatal. No cure, treatment, or remission. Become aware. visit the What is ALS site for more information.

~Your baby Sarah~

Mum mum uv'e always been there
Uv'e seen u so much u gave me a glare i started 2 stare
Mum mum is that air up there
Mum mum u have nice hair


Mom you are the best
You are there when I need u
I love you with all my heart
You are the special rose that made me happy


I Love you like a crazy
You're the best mom in the world
You are very special to me
I just want you to know I love you Happy Mothers Day


Mom what would I do with out you
Mom I know we have had out times of differnces and our ups and downs and that you have always turned out to be right in the end.
I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me. I could never ask for a better mother.
I want you to know even though we have gone thorough hard times I LOVE YOU and always will. and the next 5 months are gonna be great. Always rembmer that I love you and I appricate everything you have every done for me in the last 18 years you are truly a wonderful women and mother.
I LOVE YOU MOM Happy Mother's Day


Thank you Mum for being the most terrific Mum in the world.
You do so much for me and I appreciate it so much.
You mean the world to me Mummy
I love you with all my heart


I love you very much
No 1 can replace you
You're the best
Happy Mother's Day


God has Blessed
A virtuous woman you are
Blessed and so divine
I love you more than life itself.
Happy Mother's Day

Mikal and Billy and of course Sierra

You're the Best!
I would like to thank you for all you do. Not a day goes by that I dont realize how special you are to me. You've tried your hardest in life and did a PERFECT job that normal people couldn't do. So that's why you are my SUPER MOM!! You love all four of us unconditionally and I respect you and all that you do for me. Thank you for giving me everything that I need and for being there for me every step of the way. Your truely an ispiration to us all!! I LOVE YOU MOMA!!


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