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Post a tribute to YOUR Mom!
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I luv u soooooo much mum
You're the best mum in the world wide world
If people were flowers I would definately pick u
If I searched the whole wide world I would never find anyone as nice n kind as u
Luv u lots n lots mum

Keely Shayne

A lot to my mum
I love you a lot noone can top it with you
I will never give up loving you
Whatever you do and wherever you are
Even when you passed away I will always love you


Smartest Mom
My mom is the most smartest,
Most coolest mom ever!
And most helping mom in the world!!!!


You're My World!
I love you so much!!
Hope you have a great Mother's Day
I would not know what to do if you were not in my life
If you were not in my life, life is not worth living


I luv u always and in my heart I am always thinking of u.
Thanks 4 always being there 4 us


To Mum
Mum thank you for everything
I love you loads and want you to know I always will
You are the best forever and I want to wish you a Happy Mothers day
Love you always xxxxxxx


My Mum
My mum is the best in the world.
She lets me do lots of things.
Everyday I have to leave her for 6 hours apart from weekends.
But best of all I'm lucky to have her.

xxx Love from your daughter Abigail xxx

A Poem for Mom
M is for the many things she gave me
O is for she's never growing old
T is for the Tapioca she gave me
H is for the house which seems so empty without her
E is for Everything I miss about her
R is for the Rodent lonely


For the Bestest Mummy in the Universe
Mom, u r just gr8
I love you more than words can say


Mom, You're One of a Kind!
Thanks for always believing in me even when I've done bad and iIhave been my worst
I know im not perfect and you still love me so thanks for believing in me.


You are the best mom a daughter could ever ask for! I am blessed everyday for the gift of your love and your friendship!
I am blessed to have a part of you that is with me always - your heart and your soul. I pray that with the gift of life and love you have given me, I can become even half of what you are and what you have become, because to be completely like you would be something that would take an eternity to accomplish!
I am proud of you - as a woman, as a mother, as a citizen in this great nation, and as a woman of God. I hope you know that no matter where I am, you are with me and I am in constant graititude for your presence in my life!! I LOVE YOU always and forever, with all my heart!
Your loving daughter and friend


I Love You
Mum you are the best,
You make me smile,
You make me laugh,
You're number 1


You're My Mum Forever
I just want to say that I love you lot's and love you more as each millie second goes past.
And to show that I am writing this special note.
You're the GREATEST, you're SPECIAL, you're ME.
Thanks for always being there for me, it was worth me being born. Because if I wasn't born I wouldn't of know how special you are.

With Lot's Of Love
You're One And Only Daughter x x x x x

Love you xxx
You're the best and I hope you know that!
With out you I would not be the person I am today.
You always keep me company and I'll never forget everything you have done for me!
xxxx Love you forever xxx

*Mandy* or My little child

Dear Mummy
Roses are red
Violets are blue
But no mum is as best as u
Wo hope your day is full of joy
love u lots your little daughter

Jodie xxx

I Love U Mum
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is Sweet
And so are you!


That's all there is to it!


I love u mother.
U are mu life. I live for u and die for u.
You are my heart, soul without you I cannot live.
Love u mother


My mother oh mother
Mommy you are the one
You brought me into this world and can take me out
You called me a spoke but out of love
As long as you are living your baby I'll be


Mom, in august, you were taken from us. Mother's day was a big thing in our family, and it hurts that you are no longer here to celebrate with us. Mom we miss you so much and would do anything if we could have you back.
You were the best mom in the entire world, and I want to thank you for everything that you have done for us, putting us before anything. thank you so much mommy...
We love you forever and always.. REST IN PEACE!

Janessa, Laurehn And Kendra

My Mom's First Mother's Day
Even though I'm very young
You, my mom, are number one.
Can't wait to say "I Love You"!!!!
Your angel doll (3 months old)


A Very Special Mum (Joyce)
Mum you're the best
Always there for me, come sun or shine
You are better than all the rest
Mum you are my Mum and I hope I'll one day be as good of Mum as you.
You're a star that always shines

Caroline xxxx

I Luv U Mom
Mom u r the best
Better than the rest
Well luv u for now n always
I luv u n don't ever forget it

Stacey ~ Shirley

I Love You
I love you with all my heart you've always been there for me
You've always been there for me come rain or shine
Thank you for all the things you do for me which I really don't apreciate
With lost of love your loving daughter


My Lovely Sweetly Mum
I love my mum
I said that mums r very care 4 her baby
Mums r very good 4 her babies
To my mum Shahida


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