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2007 TRIBUTES TO MOMS - Page 2
I Love You Mommy Dearest
Mom, thank you sooo much for being here for me.
I love you so much. Words can't describe.
Happy Mother's Day.
I love you.


Mommy Loves Her Daughter
She loves me very much.
I love her the same.
I love you mommy


Mom and Me
Sometimes I am mad at you
Sometimes I am not
But I am sooo greatful to have a real mother
I really Love you

Bisma 11

Dearest mother,
I know sometimes you think I hate you
But I never do no matter how much you yell.
I know sometimes I take you for granted and dont treat you like the aazing om that you are, but I want you to know that I love you more than anything and you're the greatest mom in the whole wide world!!

Jackie Lynn

Thank you for being the best Mother a girl could ask for.
Thank you for being my very best friend. Your the one who is Always there for me.
I love you, my precious Mother
May God always watch over you.


Best MOM Ever !!!
You help us with homework, and sometimes clean my room
You are there when I'm sick and are fun to be around
You make me smile and feel at home, But....
Most of all YOU ARE AWESOME, I love you mom

Love, Teddy

I Will Always Love My Mom
You were the greatest mom to us. You lived your life for us. You did everthing you could to take good care of us.
You worked very hard and sacrificed your health and happiness to make us happy. You meant the world to us and we miss you terribly.
I wish you a very Happy Mother's Day Ma.
May you have peace and happiness always. I love you.

Chandra S.

My Mum
Mum, you help you care for me
You love me when somtimes I do not deserve your love
I'm proud to be your son
Mum I love you and you're my mum

Jimmy Jarmy Jamie

To The World Prettiest Mommy
To the Best Mom in the World
Thank you for all that you do and have done.
I love you!!
Happy Mommy's Day '07


My Mom!
She always listens to me even when what I am saying is boring.
She always supports me even when I really mess up.
She spoils me rotton but still teaches me to spend money wisely.
Unconditional love is what she gives to me, that's why I love my Mommy!


Love You Mom
Dear mom I know I never say I love you but I do
I hope u will be patient so u can see what I have in store for u
Love you mom
God bless ur beautiful heart


You could always heal
my aches and scrapes
not to mention my feelings.
Have a happy mother's day! You deserve it!


Dear Mom,
You rock!
Even with lots of things to do you still have time for me!
I Love you,


I love you so much
I hope this Mother's Day is very special to you
Thank you for everything

Christina V.

My Poem to my Great Mom
Your happy spirit
Your loving heart
Your special kindness
Are all an art


I often forget to say
Thanks in many ways
Just remember I love you
Every day


The Heart of OUR sun: Sherlicia
Mom you brighten our life every time we see you
You lift our spirits when you smile
Now we want you to have....

From your children Kayla, Lenore, and Monae'

LuV u MoMmY!!!
M - means the million things you gave me
O- means only that you are getting old
M -i s for the million kisess and hugz you gave me!!!
~Luv U~!! TriniMom


I will always luv u
Even if u nag till I go insane and I get angry
Even when you're angry at me and I shrink away
I will always luv u, no matter what comes between us


Dear mum you probably won' t read this but just want to tell you that I love you so....
I love you!!!
So does Noni and Sean


I'm Proud of you, Mom
You've done so much throughout the years
Helping me and all the siblings through laughs and tears
Mom, thanks so much for being the best
I'm proud to say you deserve a Mother's Day rest


The Best Mum
You're the best because although I'm 18 you still care for me like you did when I was 5 (because I act it)
You're there whenever I need someone to talk to
You are always understanding
You don't want to let go of your 3 little girls because they mean so much to you, and we don't ever want to let go of you mum because you mean the world to us!


Mom I wanna say thanks for all the things that you do for us
And I wanna say I admire you coz you're the best mom for me
Thanks for caring me and thanks coz you make me laugh
Mom, I love you and I miss you soo much! This coming dDecember I'm going back home! See you soon mom!


I Wuv my Mommy
Mommy I wuv you so much
And I know we fight like cats and dogs
But mommy God is going to make our bonding stronger
Mommy if you were a flower, I would pick you every time.

Maegan :D

The Most Caring Mom in the World
The title tells it all. But there's more to that.
You are indescribable. That's a fact. You do so much for us. It'll take centuries to make the lists.
To make that list short, I'll describe it in one word.

Shy, Mimi, Kiya, Caja

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