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Post a tribute to YOUR Mom!
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When things go wrong
You stay so strong
That's why I love you And proud to call you MUM


To my beloved mother
I love you so much, you went away, but I still love you. No one could replace you or the memories you left.
I've neve been back home, to the home you set up, neither will I ever go back to our home. I will remember it... I remember that last day I saw you. For some reason I knew it would be the last. I love you. Bad times occur because we are not imperfect, not because of ill will or evilness.
I miss you, and so does Coral-- like you could never know.
I can't wait to have you back and see you again. You'll remember me. Right here on this very earth, Jehovah God willing.


x.*! Angel mum!*.x
My mum is the best mum ever I couldn't ask for a better mum
Whe is always there no matter what I've done and knows when somethings wrong
Whe's got the magic touch so everytime I've cut myself she eases the pain
I know I can be a brat sometimes but I'm going to try and make this the best mothers day ever...... luv you mum...


Happy Mother's Day to you
I hope it's quite a treat
I hope you have a groovy day filled with all things sweet!
I love you sooooooooooooo much!


Mummy Brooker
Mum I am so glad you're my mum because you're the best mum anyone could ever wish for and I cant wait till I come home.
There's only a few more days whilst we are apart but soon we will be back together forever
And ever I love you mummy I really can't wait to be back home
I love you bestest mummy


This is for the best mum in the world
There are so many words to describe you:bubbly,energetic,hard-worker,funny and spontaneous.
This is my favourite time of year because i can express how much i care about you.
I feel that i can talk to you about anything and you will listen.
You are the best mum in the world and my best friend too.


I Love You!!!
Mom thanks for everything u do for me!!!
I love u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!
Your always there for me!!!
Love ya,


To All the lovely Moms
I love you so!
I love you SO much
I love you so much
I love you Mommy

I Love You
Mom, you have always been there for me
I can just tell that we were meant to be
I love you so much
Happy Mother's Day!


I Love You
Even though we always fight, we know you're tired or need to take somehing out on you
I just hope you no the words "I hate you" really mean ...
"I LOVE you" and I am proud to say through my faults I know you love me too
You're the best mum in the word so THANK-YOU


Dear Momma
Although you're gone to be with the Lord. I still honor you.
Although you were not my biological mother I cound not have asked God to send me anyone better than you.
I have spent many days without you but you are forever in my heart.
God Bless You.


Hi Mom ­ it’s me ­ your “Tskoog” ­ remember!
It’s been 14 years since you’ve been gone. Each day I arise and seek you still. Never has there been--- nor ever will be--- a mom more loving, more serene, more giving than you. I see you in the kitchen standing at the sink ­ methodically washing each and every dish. I feel your loving touch on my hair as you prepared my perfect curls for the day. I hear your encouraging words ­ so proud ­ that sent me off into the world to achieve.
I wonder why I was so lucky to have you as my mom. Some kids wish that they had a mom like you for even one day. I had a continuum of loving, nurturing, adoration and wholesome lessons for living my life because of you.
You taught me that love endures. Although days fade and nights appear—shadows appear and then vanish again—your love endures as a generosity of spirit to be shared. You taught me to embrace the ups and downs of life—and to hold on for the ride--for the downs of life will always linger to bring lessons of wisdom that over shadow the storm. You taught me to set my own targets in life—to seek favor in the eyes of the good Lord and not that of man. You taught me the legacy of giving self-confidence to the spirits of others—those less fortunate and hurting. And together—more beautiful than ever—you taught me the gift of celebrating life with others—with respect and howling belly laughs.
Because of you, I am whole, restored, and replenished. Each day—I dedicate to you for the gifts of light, love, and faith you so freely modeled. And, so now with adoring grace—kisses and hugs unending—I enjoy my being because you showed me (every moment) that you cared. Know that I am content because of the wings of love you gave,

Your Tskoog :)

I Love U Mom
You're the best mom ever
I love u


Mom, I love you so much!!!
Thank you for everthing you give me. Thank you for providing for me.
You are the best, mom!
I love you infinity toostie rolls!


Dear mum you are the best ever
I love u sooooooooo much
I hope u get lots of prezzys
Nut i love u more then everything


You're MoRe ThaN JuSt A Mom YoUr GoD's MoSt PrEcIouS GiFt
Hey mom yea it's me and I'm here to say thank u and I love you and I know sometime's I could really get on ur nerves but I love u wit all my heart u are my everything and u kno dat the thing is im so proud of u u may not kno it but i really am when people ask me who my idol is or who's my role model i say u becuz of wat u did to make our lives a better life and there has been some hard times but u always pull through and dats becuz dats who u r and u always say u need grand ma but wat u dont kno is that u r grandma and u say sometime's u need to sit down and talk to ur self when who u really r talkin to is god cuz he's living inside of you to.
And u really r a angle sent from heaven when we or anybody need help u r there to help even if it's givin up ur last peeny u will do it becuz dats just the person u r.
I would love to be as strong and powerful as u and i kno if I try hard and wit the help of u and god I could maybe b a little bit like u but neva close becuz ur one of a kind and wat I really love is dat u dont care about wat anybody say becuz u kno wat u doin is for da best and u aint gone eva let nobody stop u becuz u rather b hated for the lovin person dat u r then be loved for a person ur not ---~~*u really not a mom ur the mom a precious gift from heaven and im proud of u i love u wit all my heart*~~

Your Daughter Yasmin

My Mom is the Best
You are the best because of everything you do.
You are always there to listen.
You always buy me the best shoes. You always make sure I eat. You always tell me when I am wrong. You always tell me you love me and you always motivate me to do better.
Most of all you are the greatest Mom because you have taught me how to be a great Mom. Thanks. I love you.


Mom I love you
You are the best mom I could ever ask for.
You make me happy and only once in a while crazy you rock.
If Pete is really what makes you happy then he is alright. I love you mom.

I Love You
Dear MOM, I love you as high as the moon and back.
Your whole family does!
You are the best mom in the world.

Dear Mother
Have a happy Mothers Day!
Hope you get a lot of mothers day cards.
Your whole famliy loves you.
Love you!

You are my hero,
And you do so much for me.
So Happy Mother's Day!
I Love YOU Mom.


Happy Mother's Day Ma
Wishing you were here, but will never be forgotten.
I love you and miss you very much.
I miss talking to you each day and hearing your voice.
Life has changed without you being here. You are free with the angels.


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