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Post a tribute to YOUR Mom!
Happy Mother's Day
We Love You Mum
To Mum/Andrea
Me and jess love you so much and we try not to argue but i is very hard
We just want you too know how muc we apprecate all the things you do for us
So this is why we put this on here
We love you soo much mum and we wouldnt be able to live without out you

Love from Bethany and Jessica
To The Bestest Mammy Ever
Mum I know I am not really good at expressing my feeling, but all I want you to know is I hope you are as proud of me as I'm of you.
You've taught me from right to wrong and I dont think I've told you often enough how greatfull I am.
Mum without you I'd be lost, and you lost your mum at a young age and couldn't imagine how that must of felt,that's why I admire you soo much.
Mum by reading this I hope you realize just how much I Lovve Youuu xXxXxXxXxXx

Emma Lo

I just wanted to say .. that I love my mum soo much! Shes helped me through soo much too.
She always puts her children before her.
I don't know what I'd do without her to be honest!!
I love you soo much mumm! You mean the world to me and I'm sorry when im cheeky

Love Mariaa!
The Best Mammy
When ever I'm with you you always make me smile
When I'm hurt you cure my pain
When I'm sad you wipe my tears
I Love you to the moon and back From Dearbhla xxxxxxxxxxxx

To Mum, Angie
I am so pleased that you are my mum,
You are the best mum in the world,
You do so much for me mum I just want to say thank you so much
Please forgive me for the things I've done wrong in my life.
I love you mum


My Yummy Mummy
I Love you mum
You're the best other mums arn't a touch of you
Luva ya 4 eva
Your 3 fav kids

Queenie Kyon Yolanda Chris
You Know Best
Mum when you nag me,
I know you do it for my own good,
But just sometimes when you nag it's about the silliest things ever
I know MUMS know BEST(esspeically YOU!!)

Love you always Charley
We love u very much and we hope you liked our card we gave u.
Since mothers day today we will do our best to help around the house and u just relax watching the T.V.
We love u very much
Happy Mothers Day

Reuelle Ann

I Love You Mum!
I love u soo much and im so sorry if i don't say it enough,
You mean the world to me and would die for you, You do so much that I take for granted,
I don't see Lee or Joe doing this, and I will try to not get in a mood with Joe!
Thanks you for always being there for me!

Lots of love, Tash ( Natasha)
Lovely Mom
You're the best mom out of the whole galaxy,
Because you take care of house, us 3, dad and ur studies,
I know its a hard thing to do but you do it and you never get annoyed,
I'm proud to be your child mom!


Happy Mother's Day
I love you
Have a great day
Love you lotz


I Love You A Whole Bunch!!!
Remember that poem I wrote you, that didn't take a long time but I hope you loved it.
Your sweeter than sugar andprettier than a rose. Your the best mom.
You're the best mom in the world. You're the bee of my flower and the smile on smiley faces.
Now heres a rhyme worth more than a dime. Now to wrap this up with a bow... I <3 u mom xoxoxo!!!!!


My Hero, My Mommy!
I love you so much mom, you are the best person I know.
I appreciate everything that you have done for me and everything you'll do...
Because of you I am a good mom too. I am so proud to call you mine, I wish everyone could have you for a mom.
No matter how old I get...or how many babies I have you will always be my inspiration...I love you more than anything. Thank you mom for teaching me how to be a mom.

Kacy~ aka Pooh Bear

U R So Sweet
Roses r red
Violets r blue
Suger is sweet
Just like u

JoJo "Monk"

When I choose wrong you helped me fix it.
When I fell you picked me back up.
You keep me going all the time.
You won the Mother of the Year award.


You are the only mom I want and will have.
You are so speical to me.
When you hug me I feel special.
I hope you feel special too.


Ginny, I Love You
Mom, I love you
Even if you fight with John
I love you


U Rock so Much I Wrote U a Poem!
U rock and roll all night
U make sure Lucky dosn't bite
Ur heart is so very bright
I love u mom


You're The Best!
I love you so much mom..
I'm so blessed to be your daugther
You're my inspiration, you love us unconditionally
Without you our life is useless......


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