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2009 TRIBUTES TO MOMS - Page 2
The Best Mom
Mom I love you so much
When I go to school I think of your smile
Your kiss is like the rainbow after a storm and your hugs are like the gentle sunshine after the bitter winter
I just hope this will tell you of how much I love you


I Love You Mom
Mom you are the best
One reason why I love you is because you love me
Mom I wish that it could be Mother's Day every day
You are number #1


Loving MOM
MOM your sweet.
You have really smart children.
You are very smart.
I really love you.


Mom U Totally Rock!
Mom ur the best mom a girl could have
I mean seriously ur awesome
I hope when I am older I am just like U
Cuz ur unbelievable
Love ur daughters

S and M

Dear Mom
You are the best mom in the whole world.
Without you , I don't know what I'd do.
Never stop coming to our games, you are our rock.
Love you more than the word.

Jaclyn & Nicky G.

A Wonderful Daughter
I just want to said to a wounderful daughter Happy Mother's Day and am so proud to be here to see you become a mother. I do watch you as you are playing with your daughter and am just hoping you pass a little of me and your grandmom into her. It does take time to learn things as what your children needs, but you are getting the hang of it. I just love watching both of you just remind me so much of me and you.
Remind me when you was a little girl with high hopes and dreams. Well I hope your dreams come true for you. But just keep trusting in God and everything will be alright. Your grandmother is very proud of you and I know she is looking down from heaven watching her boopie being the mom she hope she would be.
I know your grandfather also watching you as well with the love you had from both of them and the love you have from me. As I use to said we understand each other. lol now that something you can use on your daugther. So daughter again happy mother's day through out the rest of your life.
You are special to me cause this was the day you came into our lives being born on this special day and as a special gift to me and your dad to be born on mother's day. So I thank you and also wishing you a happy 28 birthday on this mother's day. and many more to come your way. so always remember how wonderful you are and how special you will always be in alot of lives. I love you baby and I always will even if am not here but will be in your heart forever. LOVE MOM xoxoxoxo


You're the best anyone can ask for
When I was sick you were there and you never left my side
When I got dog bit you were there by my side holding my hand in the hospital
I am glad you're my mom cause you are a nice loving woman and everybody may say they have the best mom but your the #1 I LOVE YOU


What a Joyful Day
It is a joyful day to have a day like this when we can honor are mothers and celebrate the wonderful things they have done for us. Like carrying us for 9 months and making sure we get the right health. My momma is a wonderful momma and always been there to push me throw things I wanted to quit. Sometimes you get very angry at your mom and sometimes she is just doing it for a reason. to teach you lesson to be responsible and a better person for their future.
Mother, you are my life and joy.


Happy Mothers Day
Feliz dia de la madre Una madre es la que cuida a un hijo y lo proteje y siempre esta ayi por el Usted es mi segunda madre y la agrades por eso Muchas gracias y la quiero mucho

Mom, u totally rock! Your the best mom someone could ever have and I luv u a lot!
I know I fight a lot and can lose my temper or go on, and on, and on about something but I just want to let you know I don't mean to it just comes out.
So, for you I am going to think, and then speak.
Happy Mother's Day

Mikaela and the kids

Mom I Luv u With All My Heart
My very own luving mother
One who will always be there for me
Me and you forever togather
.::Thanks 4 Bein Here::.


Mom "Jelly"
Didn't want to miss telling you "I Love you" We may not always agree.
"Thank You" for your encouraging words & prayers. For being patient with me.
Even when I didn't understand. Thanks for just being my mom.
Love ya "Peanut Butter"


I Love U
You always loved me
You helped me thru a lot
As u always bought
But u love me forever


I love you very much
You are always there for me no matter what
You're my bestest friend :D
You're my mamookin bear


Mommy Mommy I love you.
You take good care of me.
And you are sweet to me.
I thank you Mommy
Love you always.


Love you little
Love you lots
Love you Love you
No matter what


I Love U Mom
You are the best mom ever and I LOVE you
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


I Love You
You are the best! You do so much for me, and I don't know if I ever tell you how much I appreciate it.
Happy Mother's Day!


Mom, You Are Mine
I could never love any one more than I love you
No one could ever say that you are not mine.
The reason is because you are my mom and no one elses mom
You rock and I love you so much!!<3


My Dear Mom
Mom, Words Can't Even Describe How Special You Are To Me. You're Always There For Me, Through Good And Bad. And This Mother's Day, I Want To Give You The Most Priceless And Precious Thing Of All; My Love.

The Best Mom
My mom is one of those moms that always tries her hardest. No matter what, she always thinks of how to make US happy.
As this mothers day came up, I started wondering, How can I do the same for her?
Then I realized, the best way to make her happy is to just be as happy as I can be, and bring that happiness to others, because the ultimate source of happiness is seeing everyone else happy
I love you Mom <33


Dear Mom
Behold the mother with her newborn child! An icon of a hope that never dies. Death may label all we cherish lies, Yet this love lies too deep to be defiled.
We clear an inner field where fate has smiled, Letting play the pleasures of surmise, Holding back all contrary replies, As though our thoughts might turn the winters mild. Despite the well-known travesties of time, Each time a child is born we dream anew,
For only thus our losses are regained. Though we must share the destiny of slime, No passion in our palette is more true Than that which cradles innocence unstained.
Love you Mom!


Happy Mother's Day
Today is your day and it's all about you Today is your day and we all love you Today and for ever we will be the person we are becaus of you Thank you and happy mothers day
Pierre and the family

Now that you are gone, I miss you dearly
I celebrate your presence yearly
I miss your ways, your voice, your touch
I miss your loving influence very much


Your Wish Came True - My B-day is on Mother's Day
Mom for 10 years you had a dream and that dream was to have my b-day on Mother's Day
It came true and you are so happy for me
I am happy for you that your dream came true
Have the best Mom's Day ever


My Mom


My Bermuda Moma
Now I am a mother I can really understand, how you raised us by yourself.
The love you always showed us, meant more to us then wealth.
You made to many sacrifices, many big but some small.
I am still overwelled how you done it all.

Unika Jean

Am Bless to have a mommy like you. Thanks for everyting you do for me. You always making sure I have what I need and even things I don't need at the time but my mommy make sure I have it, I love you mommy and am so lucky and bless to have a mommy like you. Am glad you are my mommy and you been my mommy now almost two years.
Mommy am wishing you the very best Mother's Day , but not just on Mother's Day but for the rest of you life. Hugs and kisses from your cc and soon to be your big girl in a few more months. Thanks for having patient with me I know it not easy but you try. and that is all I could ever hope for. Again thanks mom for caring and for being the mom god has you to be for me.
My word for you is OH NO!!!!!!!!!!
Love You Mommy ...........


I Love You Mom
I love you mom from the bottom of my heart
You have always been there for me. When I was down you picked me up when I was weary Couldnt walk you carried me
That why I took this day to say to you and wish you
A Very Happy Mother Day


I am so greatful to have a mom
You are very stylish too
I might be anoying sometimes
But that only shows my love for you


We Love You Mom!!!
Mom, you are the best mom in the world!!
You look so young compared to the other moms!! Like the way you dress and act, you look like your 20 years old!!
We just wanted to say how much we love you, and we appreciate everything you do for us (which is a lot, so thank you)
Me and Danielle try not to fight so I'm sorry when we do. You are ALWAYS there when we need you the most, and we love you very much. Have a great Mother's day<3<3

Love, Rachel and Danielle

Happy Mother's Day
Thank you for being my mom
You're the best mom ever
We love

Imani and Cameron

The Best Mom in the World!!
You taught us every thing.
You have cared for us since the begining.
Now today we show how much we love you and need you in our lives!
We love you Happy Mother's Day!

Love, Sadie, Madison and Zoey

I Love My Mom!
She is the best
My mom is very nice to me
She makes me happy when I am sad
She is very special to me


Why I Love My Mom
She cares for me when I'm sick,
And she never, ever complains,
She will always love and care for me,
Even when I'm a bit insane.


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