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Kids Turn Holidays

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p11.gif - 0.5 K Craft.......Pumpkin Chain - Take a strip of orange construction paper about 3 inches wide - fold into an accordion about 3 inches square. When all folded cut the shape of a pumpkin leaving the side with the fold NOT cut. When you open you will have a chain of pumpkins.
p12.gif - 0.5 K Craft.......Painted Pumpkins - Have each child paint a pumpkin or pumpkin gourd using Halloween colors. Older children can glue on facial features and hair if they would like. Much safer than carving pumpkins and a lot of fun.
p13.gif - 0.5 K Craft.......Pumpkin Place mats - Have children sponge paint pumpkins cut from sponges (or other Halloween shapes) on place mats or cloth napkins. Makes a nice holiday place settings.
p14.gif - 0.5 K Game.......Pumpkin Bowling - Paint a rubber ball to look like a Jack-o-lantern and use it to bowl 2 liter plastic bottles filled with sand & colored water.
p15.gif - 0.5 K Pumpkin Fact....... - A pumpkin is not a vegetable - it is a fruit!
p16.gif - 0.5 K Online Game....... - Create your own Virtual Pumpkin online, from Swan Farm.
p17.gif - 0.5 K Pumpkin Learning....... - Use this Pumpkin Exploration guide to learn about pumpkins. Great for school class projects.
p18.gif - 0.5 K Recipe......Reduced fat Pumpkin Pie - Counting calories? Make this Reduced Fat Pumpkin Pie using this online recipe.
p19.gif - 0.5 K Pumpkin Games......... - Scroll down the page to find out how to play Pumpkin Bowling.
p20.gif - 0.5 K Decorating......... - Gourds (like pumpkins) may be dried and coated with shellac and may last for years. This is a somewhat chancy process and 10% to 20% rot from the inside. Best start with more gourds than you want to end up with; that way you will have enough survivors.

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