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Kids Turn Holidays

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p81.gif - 0.5 K Decorating........ Take the orange plastic pumpkins kids use for Trick or treating and cut the eyes, nose and mouth out. Cut out the bottom and place over your lawn lights.
........from Teresa

p82.gif - 0.5 K Game........ Have people guess what pumpkins weight!

........from Stephanie, (11), Oklahoma City, OK
p83.gif - 0.5 K Game........ Make a pumpkin pinata by carving out the pumpkin and putting candy into it. Make a big knot and tie it to a tree, and then get a bat, start swinging and ripping it apart. This might get messy, but it is something different and fun to do on Halloween night!
........from Krystle, (7), AZ

p84.gif - 0.5 K Game........Carve out the insides of a pumpkin, but leave the pumpkin seeds inside the pumpkin. Get a group of young kids together and blindfold one kid at a time and have the kid reach in and grab out some messy seeds. After each kid takes their turn, have each kid count out their seeds. Whoever has the most wins a prize.
........from Krystle, (7), AZ

p86.gif - 0.5 K Pumpkin Treats........ Check out Kraft Foods - lots of great treat ideas.

p87.gif - 0.5 K Game........ Play Pumpkin Toss! Instructions on how to play!

p88.gif - 0.5 K Poem........ Drop by and read Pumpkin Poems complete with pictures!.

p89.gif - 0.5 K Decorating........ Put your jack-o-lantern in a tree in your yard to greet trick or treaters! I like pumpkins and scary Halloween!!!

........from Spencer, (2), Michigan
p90.gif - 0.5 K Dorm Idea.......... I would host a pumpkin-carving party for my floor of the residence hall I live in. Each room would pitch in a pumpkin, and we would carve them one night. My University lets kids come in on Halloween night to trick-or-treat in our dorms instead of out in the streets, so that would be a very cool way to decorate.
........from Barb, IL

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