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Base coat Hearts and Crafts - Decorating

If the balloon inside your heart hasn't popped after drying, insert a pin through the hardened shell to pop the balloon. Carefully remove the balloon pieces.

Now comes the fun! It's time to decorate your balloon.

First thing you should do is put a coat of paint on your balloon. Choose any color. For Valentines - red, pink or white is nice. Make sure you coat entire balloon and allow to dry. Use a basic fast drying, water based, craft paint.


All painted



Once your first layer of paint is dry you can add decorations. You can sponge paint using heart shaped sponges with different colors of paint. Paint your own hearts on. Glue on heart decorations. Write messages. Draw a face. Whatever you like! Use your imagination.

Once you have completed decorating your balloon allow to dry completely. You can then spray with a paint sealer.

Hanging Balloon


You can add ribbons and bows to your balloons to hang them. A hot glue gun works nicely to attach your ribbon. Be careful or get Mom or Dad to help with the hot glue.

Now hang your pretty creation!

Once dry you are ready to decorate your heart balloons!

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