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Kids Turn Holidays

Send a Valentine Card with a Personal Touch

Why not add your own hand drawn picture or personal words to your special Valentine. You can with Parascript Pen&Internet™ Valentine cards.

It's simple, just click on one of the sample cards below. When the interactive handwritten letter pops up on your screen, write on your wishes, add drawings, sign and send to your Valentine. No special tools are required. You can draw and write with your mouse, touchpad or a graphics pen and tablet.

If you are not already a registered user of riteMail you will be requested to register. The service is free. As always, ask parents before registering for anything online.

Sample Cards

Valentine Card
Send this Card
Valentine Card
Send this Card

More Valentine Cards

If you prefer, you can create your own card from scratch. Design your own Card

It's fun, fast and easy, try sending one today! Learn more about riteMail and their Interactive Art Room

Valentines Fun

Valentine Cards used with permission and copyright to Pen&Internet