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It Must be Love....

Valentine's Messages filled with love

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Dear Phil:
Hello Phil I'm an all american kinda babe, I look like Pamela Anderson and I lie all the time. Nothing I say in this is true except be my Valentine and that you know me and I have blue eyes. That is all.
Anonymous Babe
There ain't nothing better than bacon lettuce ketchup...I'm orderin' you up a lifetime supply...Roses are red...violets are blue...I have found my true love...and it is definitely YOU!! For the rst of my life!
Dear Smiley:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I think Smiley's
Are kool just like you!
Happy Valentines Day Sweet Sister!

Love your sister Jen!
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Jordan-ball stealer #1:
Hey kiddo. What can I say? I just want you to have a VERY Happy V-Day. We have made some AWESOME memories together. Can you imagine if I hadn't played this year??? Thanks for brightening up my life. Remember-only time will tell and this WILL get better!...but when?
Jessi-that volleyball player(ball stealer #2)
I am the coolest chick you know - don't pass me by Be my Valentine


Love Ally

Happy Valentine's Day Handsome!!
Call me sometime I still miss you!


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I love you baby, you've made my life more complete than you could ever fathom. Mommy loves you boy...
Love Mommy
Pookie Snookum:
All My Valetine's Day wishes came true the day you walked into my life. I'll love you forever and infinity plus one....
Dear Chris & Andrew:
Hope you two have a wonderful day!!
Happy Valentines Day !!/font>
Auntie W

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