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Kids Turn Holidays

It Must be Love....

Valentine's Messages filled with love

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Dear Cor
Hi Cor, have a nice Valentine's day. Hope you get chocolate and that there are many more good surprises to come along (like the T T T joke thing). :-)!
From: His Hero ^..^

Dear Alex
Happy Valentine's Day :) Thanks for being a good friend too.
From Brit

Dear Brit
My buddy, my pal, friends forever. I'd send you a carnation :-)
From Jazzy

Dear Jazzy
Hey you ;) We've been through a lot, right? Well..Happy Valentine's Day - I hope its great for you. And don't forget: There are many more years to come!
From: Brit

Dear Alex
Hey stranger. You've been a really good friend. Happy Valentine's Day *hugs*
From Jazzy

Dear Wendy
Happy Valentine's Day! And thanks for being a great "Mom" and helping me feel modelishous :)
Love ya! Brit

Everyone at KT
You guys are amazing, first of all. You're always there to offer a hug or a joke. Thanks for helping me through my ups and downs. :)
From: Your Modelishous Friend Brit

To: All me friends at KT
'Lo, everyone. Hope your Valentines day is filled with love.
Love from, UG

Dear Grizz
I'm glad we met. :) Happy Valentine's Day!!
From Brit

Dear Sam:
Sam you mean so much to me and I hope we will stay friends for a long time because i care about you very much. Sometimes we have our days and we don't talk about our problems, and that makes me happy to know I can share you problems with you.

From: Monica

Dear James
You're a big stud muffin and you're a cutie pie!
From Jasmine

Dear Dirk
Roses are Red
Violets are Yellow
I think you
Are a pretty cool fellow!
From Carrie

Hello Maggie
Hello girl.... You rock....
You are pretty cool, never met a girl like you, different is way better then normal...
From: Recently

To: Cali
You are pretty neat...
I dig neat, don't you? Do girls dig neat?
From: Seek Up

Dear Luvs
Hey... We don't talk much tho we are talking more these days. I think you rock... then again, most people here think you do!, *big hugs*
Captain (Crazy)

Dear Rach:
Hey, haven't talked to you much lately..Miss you greatly, Hope things are going great!! Take care *huggers*
From: Stay

Dear Calm
Hola.. You are da bomb.. *hug* I think you are pretty wierd, then again... I am too, take care and best wishes for you
From Angel

Dear Jazzy
You play that instrument like an expert!, You are a pretty interesting and a cool girl! *hug*
From Kind Intentions

Dear Troll and SF
Roses are red, violets are blue...
This thing is pretty old, but I really miss you two, I hope things are going great for you two.
From: Too Much

I thinky you are a neaty girly. I thinky I am a wierdy boy-y, I hopy that your valetines day-y wenty welly
From: Jimi Thing

Dear Jenn
Southern Bell...
I wish we had more time together but I know you are busy, Maybe one day we can just talk and grow even more closer *hugg*
From: Crush

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