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Kids Turn Holidays

It Must be Love....

Valentine's Messages filled with love
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Dear Zao
Hope you have a nice Valentines!
Someone who cares!

Dear Kevin
I love U, I love U, I love U!
Love Katie

Dear Austin
Happy Valentines
Love Mom

Dear KT Kids
Hope you have a great Valentines!
Love Wendy

Dear Luis
Baby we been through alot and we still being with eachother. You are one of the best things that came into my life. We started at 14 and now I'm 17. it's luv baby., Well Te amo.
Love Mariann

To Wendy
Thank you for being so nice to us all!
From Rinoa

Dear Cory - The Most Wanted Man
You are a great friend, and I really enjoy the conversations that we share. I feel that each day I become closer and closer to you, and am thankful for that. Thank you for being there for me when I needed someone to tackle hug. No matter what the future holds, I will always remember the fun I have had talking to you., Happy Valentines Day, Cory...and may love blossom in your life. :) !

Everyone at KT
Hey, this doesn't go out to only ONE person, it goes to everyone who I've ever met on KT/KE. Specially Wendy, Thank you for getting a new site up and running so fast. You're awesome!! And everyone else, thanks for being so accepting :) *hugs*
From FBG

Dear Cor
~super major enormous GIGANTIC hugs!~
From: You SHOULD know who or you're in big trouble.

Dear Wendy
I've missed you hun. It has been much too long...
However I still feel a strong relationship with you, and I care about you like a good friend. Over the years you've been there for me, to cry and laugh with. Thank you for being you...I admire your strength and heart...KT thrives because of the care you put into it., Hugsnluv

Dear Grizz
You're great to talk to, even if you're boring. lol, jk! have an awsome valentines! ~hugs~

Dear Cory
Hey babe ~great big giant hugemongus hugs~
You are the best guy anyone could have, and I think you are the best support system around., luv ya dearly!
From Mags

Dear Alex
You have so much to share, and that is so wonderful! I love talking to you, and you give me such good ideas. : ~great big hugs~ , you rock!!!!!
From Mags

Dear Grizz
I'm sorry we don't always get along, and I'm sorry for silly things. You are still a great guy., ~hugs~ Happy Valentines day
From Mags

Dear Luvs
You'll always be modelishous to me!
A Friend

Dear Wendy
Thank you!
Love Mags

Dear Alex
Stay just the way you are. You're really cool and talented!! Never change for anyone!! *hugs*
From FBG

Zao (My Big Bro and Hero)
Hey- Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you so much for being there for me always
Your Lil' Sis and Hero :)

Dear Candy
Thank you for being there for me all year. Hope you have a Happy Valentine's
Love ChocoBar

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