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It Must be Love....

Valentine's Messages filled with love

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Dear Hunter
Even though I've only talked to you once. Your still my hero!! Happy Valentines Day Hunter!! A clue to your secret admirer is I'm in your class. Roses are red Violets are blue. They are sweet and your are too!!
From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Zao
Heya!!!! Happy Valentine's Day to the cutest little girl in the whole town!!!!
From: Rinoa

My 2 special children Tand T
You both are the joy of my life. You make each day brighter with your beautiful smiles. God gave me my angel girl 9 years ago and my angel boy 3 years ago and it wasn't untill then that I learned what the true meaning of love is. Happy Valentines Day to you both!!!!
Love Your Mommy!!!

Dear Kim
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I think you
Are very cool
Daisys are white
Tulips aren't brown
I like it when
You are around

From: Danny

To: Ari
Hey. I know we don't know each other very well, but you seem like a very warm and caring person, not to mention very bright. Hope you have a great Valentine's Day. :)
From: Brit

To: Jazzy, FBG, UG, AG, Jim, Aao, Ari, Cali, Ron, John, Maggs, Luvs, Teach, Rinoa, Alex, Cor & Grizz!
I hope i got you all. Scream at me if i didn't. Sure, you all may be on the same valentine, but you're all special in your own individual way!!!! Those at the front are NOT specialler then those at the back, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!! Have the best valentine's day in the whole wide world!
From: Calm

To: Lizardman and FrankthefrozenFox
Happy Valentines Day Lizard! I'll be on you're good side if you don' t hit anyone with Frank .... But if you do , remember that you will owe me 100 million in pennies!, And Happy Valentines Day to Frank the Frozen Fox too :p
From: Rinoa

To: Joe
I Love You Baby...
Love: Steph

To: Eden
Rose are red
Violets blue
You're my best friend
and I love you!

To: Scott
You mean the world to me thanks for being a part of my life
I LOVE YOU A LOT , Dont ever forget that
Love Linda

Dear Braydon
I love you so much! Evean when I don't get to see you I allways think about you!!, I hope we will get to spend more time with each other! Love Ya!
Love: Ashlee
Dear: Scott
Happy Valentine's Day Sweety
I love you and don't ever forget it
Love: Linda

Dear: Calm
Hey good looking. You are a pretty cool girl... Keep on rocking!!
From: Mystery
To: Alex
If you still check back, I just wnated to let you know that we all miss you!!!!!
From: :)

I love you both. You both are my life. I care so much for you guys. You brighten my day, every day. Happy V Day. AAAAA BESO
Dear: Cor
Hey gorgeous!! :P ~tackle hugs~ I'd be your valentine anyday :>) You're a sweet guy, whoever "gets you" is gonna be one of the luckiest girls out there :) ~hugs~
From: You SHOULD know :)
To: Zao
OMG!!! I spelled ur name wrong in my last Valentine so I'm giving you your own! Have an awsome valentine's day! Please forgive me ! ~hugs~
From: Calm
Dear: Everyone at Kidsturn
You are a great bunch of people!
From: Sunny
Dear: Manuel(57)
You are the cutest most ahndsome boy there is and you are mine., I love you so much
Love: Hannah
To: Wendy, and my long lost KT friends
I miss all you guys. I love all you guys. I'll try to pop in sometime. Happy Mushy Day. Soon I can be a HOST!!!!! You'll know who I'm talkin to if you can or can't know who I am lmBo!!!
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