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It Must be Love....

Valentine's Messages filled with love

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Dear Jack & Alex
To 2 sweet boys who fill my heart with love - Happy Valentine's Day!!
Love: Mom

To: Amber
Hope you have a totally awesome valentines Day!! By the way how is your boyfriend Jake doing? I heard he was sick!!
From: Ashley

To: Derek
I LUV U! I LUV U! I LUV U!!!!!!!!!!
Love: Caitlyn

Dear: Ralphie
Hey it's me the girl that has always been there for you and the one who loves you. I really hope that this Valentine's Day you realize that you are madly in love with me and that you need me. I love you still and with all my heart.
From: Lynda

To: Kitty
Hi Kitty! This is from your one true love. :P I look like Shrek!!!
From: Brady (haha)

To: Shorty
My one and only Valentine!
Love: Poptart

Dear: Anita
Hey best bud! I hope that we both have a real good Valentine's day because we need better days in our life.Thanks for being a great bud.
From: Lynda

To: Love Duck
Everybody says you're annoying or something bad.I say you are cute and adorable., You're answers are different but funny, You go duck!
From: Duck in Love

To: CJ
You are the sweetest guy in the world, I love you so much. Happy Valentines Day Baby!
Love: Lisa

Dear: Brandon Casey
I love u with all my heart I hope this valentine be very special. You make me happy. I got the REMEDY and I feel weak when I see u., Happy Valentine`s Day!
From: Zy`ion

Dear: Lynda
Thanx for being a great friend I hope you and yours can work things out.
From: Anita

To: Maveric
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Valentine's Day is special
and so are U!
Love: Kayleigh

Dear: Rinoa
Roses are red
Plants are green
I think you
Are pretty keen
From: A friend

Dear: Rich
We have been through alot over the last 3 yrs but our love kees growing and makes our bond even stronger! Thanks for sticking with me! I love YOU!, Happy V Day!!
Love: Dee

To: Lindsay
How can YOU not like me?? I'm cute!!
From: Evan

Dear: Ethan
Hey Ethan I love you and I'll make victoria's dare up to you! I promise!, With Love 4eva and always,
Love: Angel

Dear: Brandon
Love: A Secret Admirer

Dear: Ethan
I love you and i always will!!!
Love: Angel
Dear: UG
Whether your name is Bob or Joe, Have a kewl Valentine's day!
From: Rinoa

Dear: Cheesy
You will always be my favorite Cheddar!
Love: A Secret Admirer

Dear: Cheesy
Hope you have a very happy Valentine's day. Lots of love and big hugs.
From: A friend

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