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It Must be Love....

Valentine's Messages filled with love
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YEAR 2004 MESSAGES - Page 3
To: Jose
Roses are Red,Violets are Blue,You may like me but I love you.
I give you my heart I give you my soul I hope you remember that I love you forever. From: PAAVA
To: Jazzy
From: Fifi Mc Dougal
To: Mark
Even though I heven't known you for long You are perfect for me.
From: Jane
To: Daddy
I love you very much, and hope you have a happy V-day!
From: Destiny
To: Josh
Since you asked me out, I guess this would be the time to tell you that I've liked you ever since that day when all your frineds told me........8 months ago. , Will you be my Valentine?
From: Katie
You guys rock!
From: Skatergirl
To: Charlie brown aka Blue Parka
Hey Snoopy loves u all over North Carolina
Love and snugs
From: MNS
To: Chris
I look at you across the room and feel my heart go boom boom boom. You are all I thnk about and, makes me want to shout .......... I LOVE YOU
From: Sian
Hope you all have a terrific Valentine's Day!
From: Wendy
To: Arty K
Since I can not be there in person I am sending you my love in spirit if not in body - kisses and hugs always and always,
From: Marzee the art student
To: Ryan
Happy Valentines
I love you, and we will be together forever
From: Elicia
To: Sarah
Please be my Valentine?
From: Tony the Tiger

To: Ricky
I love you baby and I care about you.
From: Yami
This could be
To: Skatergirl
Hey, lady... EAT THE RAISINS! Haha, happy V-day. xP
From: UG

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