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Kids Turn Seasons

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As of this writing , where I live in Northern Ontario, things are starting to look very winterish. We already have had some of the fluffy white stuff on the ground and forecasts are calling for more!! It's seriously time to start thinking winter here in the "Great White North".

When is Winter.........

December 21 is called the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and simultaneously the summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. Some of you are about to hit the winter season which can mean colder temperatures and snow. Others in the Southern Hemisphere have never even SEEN snow.

Want to learn more about the Winter Solstice? The Family Education Network has a terrific site you can build your own Stonehenge and take a quiz too. Lots of fun!

Check out what you can do to enjoy winter. You don't have to stay indoors - with the proper planning and warm clothes you can enjoy winter as much as summer! If you haven't seen snow......look below and learn how to make your own!

Have fun in the snow
Let it snow Be sure to dress for winter to enjoy it! Layer, layer, layer is the key! Let it snow Play ice hockey, it's fun.
Let it snowGo Ice Skating, a very popular sport these days! Let it snow Go skiing, both alpine and cross-country.
Let it snowGet all the latest information on Snow Boarding another very popular winter sport! Let it snow What would winter be without building a Snowman - or crafting one too!
Let it snow After all this playing in the snow one thing you need is Hot Chocolate.

Don't have snow where you are? Make Your Own Snow

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