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Kids Turn Jokes

Kids' Jokes
Page 12

What do you call a not so smart astronaut?
An astro-nut!

Ciara (13)

Why did the cookie go to the doctor?
Because it felt crumby!!!

Christina Rae (15)

How did the bubble gum cross the road?
It got stuck on the chickens foot.

Jamee (13)

What did a penny say to another penny?
Let's get together and make some sense.

Stephanie T. (11)

What rain drops are sour?
Lemon drops.

Jay (11)

How do you keep a Rhino from charging?
Take away his credit cards.

Jay (11)

Why was the book in the hospital?
Because it hurt it's spine.

Naomi (11)

Man: "Doctor, Doctor, I feel like a needle."
Doctor: "I see your point."

Esther (11)

Why did butter jump out the window?
Because He wanted to become a butter-fly

Anna (12)

What does Britney Spears say when she does something again? ?
Oops! I did it again!

Anastazia (10)

What do you get when a cow says marvelous to you?

Jessica (10 1/2)

What did the ballerina do when she hurt her toe?
Called a Toe Truck!

Cassie (14)

What did one hurricane say to another hurricane?
I've got my eye on you!

Mitchell (11)

Why did the turtle cross the road?
To get to the shell station!

Hunter (14)

What do you get when you cross a bird, car and a dog?
A fly care pet!

Nicolas (9)

What did 50 Cent say to his grandmom when she gave him a sweater?
Gee, you knit? [G unit]

Christina Rae (15)

How do you talk to a charging rhinoceros?
Long distance!

Leslie (13)

Why did the cookie go to the therapist?
He felt crumby!

Jeoffrey (11)

Why did the chicken cross the road??
To get to the Chinese newspaper.
Get it? no?
Well neither do I. I get U.S.A. today.?

Jay (11)

Why did Colonel Sanders cross the road?
He heard there was a chicken on the other side.

Jay (11)

What is almost as tall as the sky but lower than the grass?
A mountain!

Pian (5)

What did the sea say to the sand?
Nothing, it just waved!

Mary (14)

When are bakers most cruel?
When they beat the eggs and whip the cream!

Carmine (9)

Knock Knock
Who's There?
Frog Go
Frog Go who?

No! Frogs go Ribbit!
Ashley (13)

Where do pirates shop?

Gemma (11)

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